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They won’t be happy will they?

Until the day apocalypse comes

They won’t be satisfied yet

Until they have us on our backs

Like bugs underneath the sun

They like to keep their secrets

They like their custom parties

You and I will never know

Perhaps it’s for the best that we don’t

They’re buying up resources

Making their science do it’s chores

Cloak and dagger agendas

Leading us to war

Even faster than before

Until they have us under glass

Like rats in a laboratory trap

They hide behind their layers

Double speaking lawyers at their call

Dummy corporations take the fall

Inside they’re dead and bloated

Outside they’re painted up like clowns

Inside they have their motives

Outside they blend in with the crowd

Like fungus on the ground

I hear we’re headed for disaster

Every year it’s coming faster

Don’t know what to believe

Is this the rise of the machines?

We won’t know until the end

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