Bears doing everything they can to lose

Sunday, the Bears were up 16-6, pretty much dominating the New York Giants. Then the second half started. When the Giants scored a TD early in the 3nd quarter, I knew the game was over. I called a 3 and out, and it happened. The Bears snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

I have mixed feelings about this–I want the Bears to lose. Winning at this point is the worst thing they can do. Wins feel good though. A couple weeks back when they put it on the Minnesota Vikings, that felt really good. Then they lose bad to a Tampa Bay Bucs team that everyone says is bad. I can’t figure it out. The Bears were healthier than they have been all season. Kyle Long goes down with a lower leg injury. The next day we find out Alshon is suspended for 4 games.

So, I was surprised again, when the Bears were up. Not surprised when the house of cards came crashing down. Today, we get the news that Jerrell Freeman is suspended for also failing a PED test. I have to be honest, I am shocked at that one. Freeman was a pleasant surprise. He came in and helped out at a position that was in great need coming into the 2016 season.

Before you say, “What kind of fan wants their team to lose?” I have been through the gambit. I watched as a bright eyed teenager in my first year of high school as the Bears dominated in 1985, they rolled over the Patriots on their way to a 46-10 victory. I also watched Jim McMahon get injured almost every year, and the Bears get knocked out of the playoffs. I saw Ditka get fired, and Wannstedt anointed with GM powers; watched helplessly as Wannstedt dismantled the team. I had my NFL fires rekindled with the hiring of Dick Jauron. For the first time, I sat and watched the bulk of the NFL draft. The Bears chased Mark Hatley out, who probably wanted to be the GM, then hired Jerry Angelo, who brought in his own coach, Lovie Smith. There were lots of ups and downs, but Lovie got the Bears back to their only other Super Bowl in the Modern era. 2 more GM/coaching combos later, and here we are.

I have watched a ton of football in my 45 years. More bad than good, unfortunately. Which is why I know (and many others do as well) the best thing for the Bears to do is not win another game in 2016. Not that 2-3 draft slots will guarantee anything, but every notch helps. Especially when the Bears are as talent deficient as they currently are.

The good thing is, the Bears are doing everything in their power to lose. including getting players suspended for multiple games. Of course they aren’t trying to get suspended, but those things happen when you are desperate. Injuries have already decimated the 2016 Bears, with the PED suspensions, that takes 2 key players out of the lineup for chunks at a time. Freeman’s departure will surely be felt this Sunday as the Bears will play the Tennessee Titans, who bring a high-powered offense to Soldier Field.

Looking at the remaining schedule, it seems like the Bears have only the 49ers as a better than 50% chance to win. Anything can happen on any given Sunday, but the arrow is definitely pointing down for the 2016 Bears. Which is a good thing at this point. It means that as soon as the season is over, the arrow resets, and flips to the upward position.

As I am writing this, Brad Biggs is breaking this story:

Remember Bears fans, it’s always darkest before the dawn.

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