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Last night’s episode, Go Getters, took a look at Maggie and how she is blossoming into her leadership role. Before we get into more details,

*****Spoiler Warning*****

Sasha, Maggie, and baby OK: Our episode starts out with Maggie waking up to find Dr. Carson watching over her. He explains to her what happened, but she is clearly in shock. Once she processes that her baby is OK, she asks him to repeat what he had said. I can’t help noticing how skinny Maggie is. Kind of odd, because I swear they were showing her more pregnant–as least when she got her ultrasound last season. Lauren Cohan looks fit enough to run a triathlon.

With honor: We find out Sasha has buried Glenn and Abraham. She saved Glenn’s watch and a cigar from Abraham. Sasha makes a pledge to stay with Maggie until she is fully recovered.

Blue flowers: In one of many subtle light moments, Jesus reveals he has been bringing flowers to put on the graves, and to Maggie while she recovered. He said something about blue flowers are for strength or something. Maggie say simply that those flowers are green, and Jesus just smiles it off.

Carl has really bad aim: We see Carl throwing darts at a dartboard with one eye closed–oh wait (I had to. Hey even Enid takes a shot at him). Could be setting him up for later. Either way, another moment of subtle humor.

That didn’t stop him from spotting Enid: As Rick, Aaron, and Michonne all leave, Carl spots Enid–with his good eye (OK I’ll stop!). He runs out and tries to stop her from leaving. She lets him know she needs to go check on Maggie. Carl tells her that he can’t save her anymore. I think we see Carl’s maturation continue here. Seems to be an underlying theme of this episode.

Carl is a worse driver: Forget about his dart throwing, Carl is downright dangerous behind the wheel. He crashes two times trying to save Enid from a walker. I suppose he would have shot them but he was responsible for losing 6 seasons worth of guns last week.

Worst concert ever: Sasha and Maggie wake up to find someone had opened the gate at Hilltop, set a bunch of fires, and left a Gremlin (ugly green hatchback car from the 70s) in the middle with the stereo blasting. Problem was, the windows and doors were screened off and bolted so they couldn’t turn it off. Maggie shows off her leadership skills and organizes Hilltop’s defense. As the others take care of walkers, Maggie gets in a tractor and runs over a few on her way to rolling over the Gremlin Monster truck-style.

Roller-skate date: Carl and Enid have a nice talk as they walk towards the Hilltop. Enid reveals that she would like to kill Negan too, “That’s what you do for those you love–loved,” she explains. I thought that was pretty revealing. Wanting to be with Maggie is pretty significant too. This was the same person that was ready to abandon Alexandria and all it’s members not too long ago. I hope they just aren’t setting her up for a more meaningful kill.

They really should get that gate fixed: The Saviors barge in lead by Simon. He drags Gregory into the study to “talk”. It’s basically him telling Gregory that he is in charge of their shit now, and what they give to Negan. Gregory is about to give up Maggie and Sasha when he takes Simon to the closet. Jesus had astutely moved them. All that is in there is a nice case of scotch, which Simon thanks him for.

It would to me: Carl and Enid continue some mature dialogue as the two look at the Saviors loading up some trucks. Carl tries to convince Enid to come with him to kill Negan. Enid tells him he would be doing it for himself. She then asks him how he would get away. Carl tells her it doesn’t matter. Enid says it would to her. I am a little shocked but like Enid’s honesty and courage. She really breaks out this episode. This could be good for her and Carl. Then there is a kiss. Pretty good kiss as far as they go.

Laying down the law: Jesus, Sasha, and Maggie all meet with Gregory to discuss the current situation with the Saviors. Jesus lays down the law and threatens to tell them about their deal with Alexandria to take care of the Saviors. Gregory starts to protest a little and Maggie shuts him up with a punch, flexing her inner Rick. She then sees he had Glenn’s watch and takes it back from him. She then lays down her law, and basically tells Gregory he’s not in charge anymore.

Can you find out where Negan lives?: Sasha asks Jesus for a favor, and to keep it between her and him–no Maggie. Jesus doesn’t like it, but Sasha says neither does she. Jesus agrees.

I’m not, but I will be: Maggie sees Enid by the graves. She sees the green balloons Enid laid down. Maggie says she is not OK, but then turns to Enid and says she will be. They sit down for dinner and Sasha comes back. She asks Enid if she came alone and Enid quickly says yes. She then tells Sasha to have some supper. Really quick thinking by the kid. Will this come to play later? Sasha asks why are there balloons on Abrahams grave? Maggie says she didn’t have the heart to mention it to Enid–another great subtle moment of comedy. Sasha says balloons are cool.

What are YOU doing?: Jesus hops aboard one of the trucks that is going to Negan’s residence. After taking a drink of scotch, he’s greeted by Carl.

At first watch, Go Getters is a slower-paced, really enjoyable episode, but as you can see in the recap, there is a lot going on. Solid character development by all parties involved. Jesus really revealed his true self and intentions. I no longer think he was working both sides. If he was, he firmly picked the side of the former Alexandrians. Gregory showed he is pretty much the coward Maggie labeled him as, and it not to be trusted. Sasha showed she has got Maggie’s back. Enid shows that deep down, she has a big heart. Even though she was fighting back with Glenn, she heard every word he said. Carl showed he will not wait around for someone to go after Negan. And with that,

Questions: Biggest question is: Will Carl succeed in finding Negan? In the comic, I don’t think he and Jesus go together, so this will  be extra interesting. What will Jesus do?

Will Rick and Aaron find anything worthy for Negan?

How long until Gregory turns on Maggie and Jesus? I guess if things work out, he won’t complain, but I think he will let them know who she is at first chance.

Where was Michonne going off to? She didn’t go with Rick and Aaron. Is she still practicing? Between her and Carl, they don’t have a good “shot”. Of course, Carl is ahead of her, and Jesus on his side. (Ha!)

When will Morgan and Carol come back?

Zombie kill of the week: Hands down, it’s Maggie going monster-truck rally with the tractor. Don’t mess with the farmers daughter.

Looks like we will see what’s going on with Tara and Heath. The preview looked interesting if you missed it. That’s it for now. I am going to spoil myself with details from the comics. See you next week!






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2 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly

  1. other Jeff says:

    Another long show that coulda been condensed into 15-20 minutes. Gregory is a prick that cant be trusted at all. I can see him doing something stupid to get himself killed, (either by Maggie or Michonne or walkers some how) before Jesus and Carl get back.

    It’ll be interesting to see where Negans “home” is as well as to see more of it and how big it is, obviously we saw just a little from Darryl’s view point and a bit from Dwight’s.
    A nagging question….as big and far reaching as his organization is, all his patrols etc., how is it he never found Alexandria before????? They are obviously close by (relatively), with all his outposts they easily woulda ran across it in two years (or how ever far we are into the post zombie break out). Also, along those lines but not related to this episode, how have they never ran into Alexandrians that were out and about scavanging, they were not too bright before Rick and company got there and wouldn’t have been able to elude Saviors. Also Hilltop, the Kingdom and the Savior outposts as well as the old quarry with the thousands of walkers in it all within the same general area and they (original Alexandrians) never know about them BUT….Aaron and the other guy (forgot his name) was able to find a roving group of a handful of people and know enough about them from a few days or a week of spying on them to invite them into their ‘home’???????
    Oops….but that was a differest season…shhhh.

    • oxxo910 says:

      They were actually close to finding Alexandria a couple times, and even knew about it when they came across Carol, if you remember. It’s possible they dismissed it because they knew how hard it was to protect yourself. There is no way they knew about the fence that Reg built. If anything, they knew it was a community. Maybe they thought it would have been scavenged already.
      I would love to see a map or something to see how far thing are away. It’s kind of annoying sometimes it feels like it’s far. And other times it feels like it’s not far at all (like when Enid and Carl walk to Hilltop).
      I am mostly interested in seeing how the Carl/Jesus thing plays out. From the preview it looks like Jesus is all set to roll out of the truck and Carl is a little like, uh, you go ahead without me. I’m betting he stays in the truck until it stops. 90 minute episode dude. Should be epic. Thanks again for the comment!

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