Giants game microcosm of Cutler’s tenure with Bears

News broke Monday afternoon that quarterback Jay Cutler was having tests run on his shoulder. He was sacked several times in Sunday’s contest, including getting driven into the ground, and having two players collapse upon him. It could have been as early as the first play of the game.

Looking back, many of Cutler’s passes fluttered out of his hands, barely reaching their target. Many more hit the ground before reaching their designated receiver. That said, Cutler gritted out another ballgame. At times, he flashed the rocket armed QB that enamored many a GM, and kept Cutler a Bear for 8 seasons.

Sunday’s game vs the New York Giants was a virtual microcosm of his career with the Bears. In the first half Jay was accurate, on time, and lead the Bears to scores on their first 3 drives. Then the second half started an the house of cards fell apart. Injuries to offensive lineman took their toll. Cutler was hurried, hit, and sacked numerous times. He almost lost a fumble after being hit by Jason Pierre-Paul. Then came the penalties. Still, the defense played tough. The Bears were within 6 points with the ball in the final few minutes of the game. Battered, beaten, and bruised, Cutler gave the Bears a chance to win. Until he slipped on his final pass. The ball ended up in safety Landon Collins’ hands, and sealed the Giants victory.

If this does end up being Jay’s last game with the Bears, it’s a perfect example of his struggles. Even complete with some really good plays. Perhaps for his next team to ponder. Someone surely will. I think Jay has a lot of football left in him. A change of scenery may even do him some good. I know there is at least one team in the desert that might see an oasis.

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