Walking Dead Weekly

Last night, we got a 70 minute episode that might not have been long on action, but there was a lot of activity. A new community was introduced along with a handful of new characters. Before we get into that,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Swear, starts out with two unknown females. One looked to be in her early to mid 20s, the other was a small child about 8-10 years old. The little girl, Rachel runs off when she sees Tara, thinking she is undead and has to kill her. The older one tells her to stop. When she comes upon Tara she realizes she is alive. Rachel, says it doesn’t matter, and wants to kill her.

8 rusty cans of okra and a bottle of aspirin: The scene changes to a flashback when Tara and Heath are in their vehicle. The two go back and forth on whether to keep searching or go back. Heath also seems to be fighting the idea of “kill or be killed” in the zombie apocalypse.

Curiosity: Tara wakes up to find someone left her a couple bottles of water, food, and a spear. As she drinks some water she catches the eye of the older female who stopped Rachel from killing her. She follows the woman back into the woods. Tara sees a score of females ranging in age from maybe 4-5 to 60. No males are in sight. Tara must have triggered something off because suddenly the women are going for a weapons cache–even the young ones. One woman takes a shot at Tara, and she runs back through the forest. Eventually she disables a woman and takes her rifle. She is soon surrounded by about 10-12 other women, all with guns.

Flashback to Heath and Tara on a bridge. The bridge has what looks like metal storage containers, maybe from a small barge, stacked on top of each other to wall off passage. There are a few abandoned cars, a couple dump trucks, and a huge pile of sand. Clearly looked like they were in the process of building something. Tara sees a bag sticking out of the pile of sand and starts to pull it out. Once she does about 10-12 walkers are uncovered and start going for the pair.

*****New Community: Oceanside Cabin Motor Court*****

Tara is in a small house. Three women come in and one asks if Tara needs to go to the bathroom before they begin. The older woman introduces herself, and the other two ladies.

*****New Characters: Natanya, Kathy, Beatrice, Cyndi, Rachel*****

Natanya is the older lady who is in charge. Beatrice was the woman Tara knocked out. After a brief discussion, they leave Tara, and consider their next move.

Breaking bread: Tara is led from the house to another structure. You see some concern on her face. Turns out to be a nicely set table for dinner. She sits down with Natanya, Kathy, Beatrice, and Cyndi. After some discussion, Natanya tells Tara she hopes she will consider staying in Oceanside, and there is a place for her and Heath. Natanya explains they fought and lost another group (assumed to be Saviors). This is why they now have a “kill on sight” policy for strangers.

Tara then tells them about Alexandria and their fight with the Saviors. She says they can work together. Natanya agrees to send Tara back with a “guide” to check out Alexandria.

Back to the bridge: Beatrice and Kathy escort Tara through the forest. The trio comes upon a walker who is stuck in some tree branches/brush. Tara looks back to see Kathy holding a knife, but has a worried look on her face. “I got this,” Tara says, and she takes her own knife out and walks over to the walker. Tara then looks over at the two women and decides to make a run for it. I watched this 2 times, and watched Talking Dead, and I am still not really sure why she ran. Either the two women were lining her up to kill her, or she thought they were not going to let her go. A chase ensues.

Ambush: Tara jumps Beatrice and disarms her. They roll around for a few seconds. Beatrice gets her gun back and aims for Tara. Beatrice tells Tara about the Saviors and how they killed all the males over 10, and some others. She also reveals they can’t let her go because she might lead them back to Oceanside. Cydni comes out of nowhere and takes Beatrice down. She then yells for Tara to go.

Swear: Cyndi catches up with Tara and makes her “swear” she will not come back to Oceanside, and will not tell anyone else about them, including Alexandria. Tara agrees. Cyndi then leads Tara to the bridge she and Heath were separated on. With a little help from Cyndi, Tara makes her way across the bridge.

PPP: We get another brief flashback of how Heath and Tara got separated. It ends back in real time with Tara seeing broken glasses, (Heaths?) tire tracks in the mud, and a white ID badge that has “PPP” written on it in black.

The final scene is Tara at the gates to Alexandria where Eugene is fighting back tears as he opened the gates for her. Tara then is in Denise’s office with Rosita who wants her to help her fight so they can “square this” in regards to the Saviors. Tara tells Rosita they found nothing that would help, keeping her promise to Cyndi.

Questions: What happened to Heath? Did Tara’s fall off the bridge save her from real trouble? Why would someone take Heath and not just kill him? If they were friendly, why didn’t they try and get Tara?

Will Oceanside be a regular community like Hilltop and The Kingdom? In the comics there is very limited mention of it. I do not believe any of the characters that were introduced are in the comic. Will they send anyone after Tara? I have a feeling this is not the last we see of Cyndi. In some ways she reminds me of Daryl. I could totally see them joining Alexandria or maybe Hilltop at some point. I hope we see more of them. Tara seemed to have a lot of chemistry with Cyndi.

What is “PPP” and why is it on a badge that has been discarded? I think we will see in the next episode or two.

The lack of seeing the bulk of our group is tough, especially after having introduced The Kingdom. It’s kind of like season 5 after the group left the prison. I do like this season much better. I might even be going through some Negan withdrawal. I know I’m missing Daryl and his cheery self. Then there is Morgan and Carol. Man, I hope we get 2 solid episodes with as many of our main characters as possible.

Zombie kill of the week: There were many. Mostly routine. I think Tara using a hubcap on one was probably the most interesting, so I will go with that.

Two more episodes to go before the mid-season hiatus. Cannot wait for them.



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4 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly

  1. other Jeff says:

    Just watched it……YAWN…a whole 70 minute episode solely around a secondary character. No wonder ratings are dropping every week. Season opener a goofy over the top all powerful villain, more comic book evil then believable, long winded speeches overly animated with all those gestures as well as highlighting just about every word he says, hard ass take no shit from anyone group (Rick & company) suddenly reduced to sniveling pussies. Same story line over and over and over again, find a place to settle down, get chased out by ever worsening bad guys, or run into worse every time groups of bad guys while traveling.
    Seventeen million viewers for the opener, dropping every week, now down to 11 million. I’m about to join the 6 million plus that stopped watching already, after these last couple before the mid season break, I’ll probably still record them out of curiosity but when I get around to watching them probably fast forward thru most of the episode.
    AMC screwed the pooch as well as screwing with us with all these long dragged out boring episodes revolving on one or two characters going backwards in time from the main story line….wait…with all these splinter episodes…which one IS the main story line?!?!?!

    • oxxo910 says:

      Well, this week’s episode is a 90 minute one. Things are going to get really interesting. I didn’t like the first half of season 5 when they all split up. I had a lot of the same complaints. The thing with Negan is–he is straight out of the comic book, so yeah, he is more comic book villain. I guess you have to take it with a grain of salt. I also brought up the fact that at some point his act gets old.
      All I can say is, I hope you stick with it for a couple more episodes. We still haven’t seen much about the Kingdom. Hang in their dude. As always, thanks for leaving me a nice long comment. I really do like to hear from people, even if it’s not always cheery! Would still like to hear your thoughts on some of the questions I brought up, especially from the other week.

  2. other Jeff says:

    OK, just threw out a comment on last weeks show. 😉

    YIPES! Another extended episode??? There was a time I woulda been thrilled (first 3-4 seasons) to have had some 90 minute episodes, but now….I doubt I could sit here watching it an hour and a half. I tire of waiting and waiting and waiting for something interesting to happen only to have that instance last but a few minutes especially if it follows another secondary character like Tara, (dont get me wrong, I like her but she’s still a minor player) only thing worse/duller, is watching golf on TV. Have a few walkers walk on the putting greens and let the golfers go at them with their clubs, it would be far better to watch then TWD lately.
    LOL, I just pictured that in my head…..the announcers in their usual hushed whisper like voices, “..Tiger lines up his shot….if he sinks this 30 footer for the eagle he’ll be tied with….uh oh Jim, theres a walker coming at him from his blind side and he sure looks hungry. ‘I see it Steve, you suppose it will throw off his concentration or will…ohhh that was masterful, in one fluid motion Tiger taps the ball, spins and with his putter in his left hand back hands a ‘hole in one’ to the side of the walkers head. ‘Yes Jim, thats why he’s the best.” As the spectators do that petite ‘golf clap’.

    I’d hop on my lap top during the slow periods and the show would fade into the back ground. If it wasn’t for being able to DVR it and watch it later, FF thru commercials and non essential dull spots I would have already stopped following it.

    That said, I think that (too comic book-ish character) is what turned off a lot of people (I supposed some people that stopped watching couldn’t stomach the way he killed Abe and Glenn and/or the fact they killed off Glenn). Personally the gore didn’t bother me, only the fact that it (the beating) went into the ridiculous (that over the top cartoon crap). After what seemed like five minutes of THUMP…THUMP…THUMP…THUMP…THUMP… I looked over at my son in law and we both had that “seriously?!?!?” look on our faces, then we started laughing at how ridiculously silly it was.

    • oxxo910 says:

      Like I said before, Negan and that whole thing was straight out of the comics. It was something that was pretty significant in the comics, so there was no way they weren’t going to follow it. Kind of bothered me how they basically wasted Abe so they could kill Glenn a little differently. In the comic he just kills Glenn (after saying he wouldn’t because he didn’t want them to think he is racist).
      Especially because Abe was spared (Denise took his death in the show) so they could have done anything with him–just like with Daryl.
      The biggest thing they wanted us to fill is 1) The Saviors are like 5x bigger than we thought 2) Negan is a horrible dude 3) Negan has the group (and Rick) by the nuts.
      I keep telling you it will lead to some good things. Maggie being a kickass leader for one. I get that it might not be worth it, and that sucks for the fans who liked how things were before. Once the Kingdom, Alexandria, and Hilltop all get together it should be really cool.
      If you are still fed up after the next two episodes, maybe check out Walking Dead Wiki and read about Negan and some other characters. Maybe that will ease your mind a little.
      The whole thing with Oceanside (I know you didn’t like it) was not in the comics (As far as I know) so they don’t always follow everything to the letter. Anyways, thanks again!

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