New Deck Recipes added with Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

With the upcoming expansion being released today, the expansion patch has brought us some new Deck Recipes. If you have never checked them out, they are on the deck creation screen. This is really neat, because you can get a glimpse of the new cards for each class, and see which old cards they will go with. Let’s check out a few!


So far, the warrior cards and The Goons’ Empire deck look really cool to me. Some really neat cards that I cannot wait to play.


The new mage mechanic where you “make new cards” is interesting. It works well with Reno Jackson too.


The Lotus’ Golems seems really neat. I have no idea what these golems are, so I am anxious to check that out.


That is just a slice of what is to come with The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. Since it’s now live, I am going to open up about 50 or so packs on my 2 accounts. Good luck and have fun!

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