SportsBard Weekly

It’s a snowy day here in Chicago. What better to do than grab a warm drink and catch up on what I posted this week? Let’s go!

Promise– A poem about commitment and loyalty.

Lucky ones– They are those who us positivity to overcome any obstacle. It’s kind of an anthem.

Fans and ‘experts’ quick to dismiss Barkley– So many fans and members of sports media want to dismiss Matt Barkley. I understand the skepticism, but there is no need to pass judgment yet.

New Deck Recipes added with Mean Streats of Gadgetzan– A bunch of new Deck Recipes have been added to the game with the expansion patch. Check them out!

Brawl of the week: ‘Servant of Yogg-Saron Tryouts– Play a minion, cast a random spell. This brawl got updated with the patch. You still have a few hours to check it out!

1st and 5– Waiver wire pickups for week 13.

Walking Dead Weekly– Discussion and recap for Season 7, Episode 6: Swear. Check out the recap before tonight’s new episode!

Barkley shows he can play in the NFL, for Bears– I might be slightly biased, but I saw a lot in the Bears newest signal caller.

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