1st and 5

Week 14: The final countdown! The last week most teams will play. If you are on the edge of the playoffs, this is the most important week for you. Go out with all guns blazing! Don’t be afraid to make a move.

QB: Brock Osweiler, Broncos- Osweiler has been up and down, but has a nice matchup vs the Colts this week. Broncos will need to score 24+ points to keep up with Andrew Luck and his Colts. Alex Smith, Chiefs- is in the same situation. He’s got a good matchup vs the Raiders and will have to put up close to 30 points to beat them. Maybe a little less because they are at home.

RB: Ty Montgomery, Packers- Man. I struggled hard with this one. I can’t even suggest a situational play really. Since Montgomery can get looks as a RB or a WR, he might be worth a shot. If you have a backup of a premiere running back that is going up vs a soft team, you might want to go that route (Bilal Powell for example vs 49ers). Just nothing on the wire in my league.

WR: Brandon LaFell, Bengals- Has a very good matchup vs the Browns. Their #1 corner will be on AJ Green, leaving LaFell on the #2 corner. It’s a little risky, but the reward could be worth it. Tyreek Hill, Chiefs- Seems to be coming on strong lately. He is very explosive, but is not a huge/regular part of the offense. They will need points vs the Raiders though, and all it takes is one big play to payoff.

TE: Ladarius Green, Steelers- Green looks to be finally healthy and ready to produce like they thought he would. Buffalo doesn’t give up huge points to TEs, but they gave up huge points to New England and Seattle.

D/ST: Lions- I hate to suggest them vs my Bears, but the reality is they are at home & fighting for the division. This will be QB Matt Barkley’s first road game as an NFL starter, and 3rd game as a starter period. Ford Field will be rocking. Bengals are playing the Browns–I repeat: Bengals are playing the Browns. Might be an even better matchup than Lions D/ST vs Bears.

There you have it. Go for the gold. Good luck and godspeed!

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