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Last night we got some nice answers. We also got a kickass view to what it’s like to be Negan. It’s pretty choice. Before we roll any further,

*****Spoilers Ahead!*****

Sing me a song starts out with Michonne wandering down a road when suddenly she breaks into whistle. We have no idea what she is doing, but we will.

With my good eye closed: We pick up where Jesus and Carl are stowed away in the truck going to Neganland. As I thought (by the preview) Carl snakes Jesus into jumping first, then he waved to him as he stayed in the truck. He was clearly nervous about jumping and getting caught. So he stayed hidden. Just like the comic, Carl shoots his way out of the truck and demands for Negan to come out. He does, but Carl is tackled to the ground.

Fire inside: Daryl looks on as Carl is subdued. It’s kind of a theme throughout the episode. Negan has Daryl around a lot, performing menial tasks such as cleaning up, and serving appetizers. It’s plain to see he is still Daryl, and man he is going to break out soon.

Father knows best: Spencer and Gabriel go out scavenging and Spencer asks if hating someone is a sin, Gabriel explains that while certain thoughts are bad, actions are more important. Spencer goes on to say how he hates Rick and continues to vent. After hearing enough, Gabriel tells him to stop the car, and then leaves. Spencer goes out into the woods to scavenge. I would have loved if Gabriel gave him a “STFU”. I guess he gave his version of that.

Make me a bullet, clown!: Rosita and Eugene go back to the place where Eugene wanted to turn into a bullet making plant. Rosita pretty much bullies/guilts Eugene into making her one bullet. I have to say this is the dumbest request in the history of requests. I mean, it’s laughable. I get why, but it’s almost out of character for her. It’s so stupid. One bullet–for a handgun no less. She should keep looking for a rifle at least or come up with a better plan.

Ship of fools: Rick and Aaron go out on their own to see what they can get for Negan. They happen on a farm, that says the only thing here is trouble. So naturally they continue on. They come upon a wall where a person states who they are and what they have waiting for them. Mainly, guns, but it seems like a formidable arsenal.  At the end of a small lake or maybe even man-made pond, there is a house/trailer. The water is filled with walkers. Nearby there is a boat riddled with bullet holes. Aaron puts up a mild protest, then walks over to a wooden fence and kicks a couple planks out. You would think the planks are to make some kind of repairs on the boat–no. They are for paddles. This is another dumb idea, but the reward is high. If only they had a Holocaust cloak and a wheelbarrow.

Michonne’s plan is dumb too: It starts out nice with a zombie speed bump: the corpses she killed piled up to block the road. That’s as smart as it gets. She then thinks she will force a Savior at gunpoint, to take her to Negan. Really? This is also unlike Michonne. Carl seems to be the only one thinking intelligently in this episode.

It’s good to be the king: Negan takes Carl on a little tour of the Savior’s compound, starting with a room full of his loyal subjects. He addresses the crowd and tells them everyone gets fresh veggies tonight–no points! Showing off his power, Negan turns around and whispers to Carl, “Are they still kneeling?”. Negan then turns around and shouts, “As you were!”

Negan then takes Carl to a room where all his wives are hanging out. After talking with Sherry, he confirms a rumor that another one of his wives has cheated on him with her ex-lover. Negan kisses Sherry just as Dwight brings Daryl in, who is carrying a plate of snacks. Clearly Negan loves to pour salt in wounds. Daryl asks about Carl prompting Negan to threaten Carl’s good eye with a toothpick. Negan then dispatches Dwight to get the furnace ready.

Bosom buddies: Negan and Carl sit in Negan’s quarters, and they have a series of conversations. Eventually Negan gets Carl to remove his bandage. At first Negan says how gross his eye looks, and makes fun of him. When he sees Carl start to cry, he stops, and sincerely apologizes. He then reveals that the wound looks “badass” and that no one would screw with him. “Fat Joe” enters the room and brings back Lucile who had been left behind when Carl started shooting.  Negan makes Carl sing him a song while he wildly swings Lucile, getting fairly close to him at times. After that, Negan asks Carl about his mom, and he tells Negan he had to shoot her. Carl then demands to know what Negan is going to do with him. Negan says that Carl is smart, and asks what he would do. Carl tells him to jump out of a window to spare him the time & effort. Negan loves it and decides to go on a ride.

Spencer finds a bow. Maybe he gives it to Rosita. Much better than one lousy bullet. He also finds a note written in Latin.

Back to Alexandria: Negan has one of his men drive him and Carl back to Alexandria. As they are ready to pull out, Daryl asks where he is taking Carl. Negan is none too happy, and tells Dwight to put him back in his cell. As they pull away, Daryl looks up and sees Jesus on top of the truck. When the camera shows the top of the truck Jesus has vanished.

Upon getting to Alexandria, they make a stop by armory. Negan cracks a joke about Olivia’s weight, which makes her start crying. For the 2nd time in the episode, Negan actually shows some regret over his choice of words. He then offers to make it up to her by having sex with her until Rick gets back. She declines the offer with a slap to Negan’s face. To which, he tells her he is now 50% more into her.

Grand tour: Carl then shows Negan around Alexandria where he is fascinated by four things: bare feet on a carpet, running water, playing darts, and Judith. Carl tried to play off that it was just a closet but Negan goes in and sees the baby. He instantly falls in love with the toddler. The two then go out and sit on the porch.

Go now: Daryl gets another note slipped under his door. It says, simply: Go Now, and has a key and maybe a lockpick attached to it. Is it another trap? I don’t think so. Negan is gone. This time it should be for real.

Spencer, Rosita, and Eugene all return at the same time. Spencer reveals he found a bunch of supplies and says there is more. Rosita asks him if he’s going to hand it all over to Negan and he says yes, but that is not all. They then see one of Negan’s men as he opens the gate to Alexandria.

This is may be my favorite episode of season 7. We get a lot of insight and see what other members of Alexandria are doing to possibly deal with Negan. From what I know, a lot of things happening are straight out of the comics, and if that holds true, there should be some major things happening in the season finale.

Questions: My main question is what did Carl whisper to Daryl when he took the tray of food from him? It was no more than a word or two. “I’m OK” maybe? It was early in his visit, so Carl didn’t get the vibe that Negan wasn’t going to kill him yet.

What does Spencer have planned? I actually know, as I cheated and found out some things. I won’t tell you though, you have to wait and see!

Will Daryl make it out of the Sanctuary? Will Dwight and Sherry help him?
Last time Daryl tried to get out he caught a major beat down. However, this time Negan is gone, so it might not be a trap! He’s going to go all Wolverine on anyone in his way. Should be epic.

What did Jesus do? I mean he was there then he wasn’t there. Did he hop into the back of the truck. That seems to make the most sense. The dude is a regular spiderman when it comes to getting in and around trucks.

Will Rick and Aaron make it out of the pond alive, and with anything that will help with Negan? Sounds like the dude had several guns and maybe some explosives. I don’t know much about Aaron going forward, so I have no idea what happens to him–if anything. His character has been kind of left out since the season started.

Rosita has a bullet, will she try and use it on Negan? She might be able to get close to him. If she misses though, Negan will want to kill someone.

Michonne thinks she is on her way to Negan. Somehow I don’t think she will get there. The woman she hijacked already tried to fight once. Perhaps she will see them and double back.

Will we see Morgan and Carol in the finale? The suspense on that one is killing me.

Zombie kill of the week: Michonne’s killed a lot of walkers, many in spectacular fashion. I believe the is the first person to make a speed bump with them. It was successfully crafted to get a person to stop and get out of their vehicle so she could hijack them. That part of her plan was brilliant. She gets the award!


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