Christmas has come early on the south side

The momentum has been building over the last few days as the winter meetings started in Florida. The big news was the White Sox had a half dozen teams interested in trading stud pitcher Chris Sale. On Tuesday, they hit pay dirt with the Boston Red Sox. On Wednesday, they frosted the cake, when they traded center fielder Adam Eaton to the Nationals.

General Manager Rick Hahn has to be feeling a lot like a kid on Christmas morning. I thought he could have got a better deal for Sale–don’t get me wrong, he probably got the best list of prospects. I would have liked a solid player or two, plus prospects. However, the Eaton deal looks fantastic on paper: 3 prospects for a veteran outfielder? If it works out, it could be a lot like the trade Theo Epstein made when they landed Jake Arrieta.

Even Theo didn’t strike this quick, albeit, he didn’t have a Chris Sale to trade. That’s the thing though, Hahn is just getting warmed up. He still has a couple moves left if he so chooses. They have a host of veteran players, including another ace in Jose Quintana. As a Cubs fan, I am excited for them. I used to watch the Sox quite a bit in the 80s and early 90s. The strike put me off baseball for a couple years–even my beloved Cubs. These moves might get me back interested in the south-siders. I hope Sox fans are excited and energized, and go out and support their team.

In the meantime, put on your warm slippers, your comfy pajamas, and go to bed dreaming of warmer days. Santa brought you some nice gifts to put under the tree.

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