Latest Bears rumor: No smoke without a fire

Hours ago an article was published by about Bil Polian eyeing a return to the NFL, most notably, a senior VP position overseeing operations. Further, a position with a midwest team, and even more interesting–the Bears and their ownership was mentioned.

Now, this on it’s own is not so much of a big deal. Let’s take a look back though. Weeks ago there was a report that the Bears hired a consultant to asses how things were being run. That report was hot for a few days then basically died down. The Bears came off their bye week and smoked the Vikings on Monday Night Football. All was ponies and rainbows again.

Then a few days ago, Chicago Sun-Times writer, and 670 am The Score radio host, Mike Mulligan reported there was friction between head coach John Fox and defensive coordinator Vic Fangio. Fangio was not expected to be back in 2017. Again, wild speculation in and of itself. A lot of smoke, maybe no fire.

Today however, the report that Bill Polian is talking about a comeback, and eyeing the Bears as a landing spot, is huge news combined with the other two reports. Something is definitely going down in the big city.

I have stated my concerns with Ryan Pace, but after the last few weeks, his draft picks and free agent signings have been looking good. Especially 2016 first round draft pick Leonard Floyd, who registered his 2nd 2-sack game of the season last week. Football is a show-me/win now business. I have been much less impressed with John Fox’s control over the team, and endless supply of BS. Then there is how the team has pretty much taken a step or two back, instead of going forward. Which is odd that Fangio would be on the outs, considering the defense has actually been the lone unit to show improvement.

The Polian news is exciting on a couple fronts. One, it brings credibility back to the Bears. Two, it possibly separates old management (Ted Phillips) from football operations–a concern of many. Lastly, it could allow some insulation for Ryan Pace, (from Phillips and others) and he would no doubt learn from one of the best executives in the business. I think it would be very unfair to get rid of Ryan Pace after two years, but I would love to see what he could do in concert with a savvy football man like Polian. Bill Polian could also asses, and shore up anything that needs retouching in the Bears front office. Something the Chicago Bears haven’t had since Jim Finks resigned. If there was anytime to make a move like this, it would be with the Bears on the verge of a top 5 pick. Stay tuned!

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