1st and 5

Week 15, the first week of the playoffs for many teams. There were a few major injuries, and a bunch of minor ones. Fantasy is a reality if you were one of the lucky owners who got in!

QB: Alex Smith, Chiefs- If you had Ryan Tannehill (how did you make the playoffs?? Kidding!) or you have a terrible matchup, don’t hesitate to pick up a QB who has a really good matchup. Alex Smith certainly does going up vs the Titans. Colin Kaepernick, 49ers is more of a risk, but the Falcons are 31st defending the QB. They have been better since week 10 though.

RB: Bilal Powell, Jets- Will probably be the #1 pickup this week. Certainly for RBs, that are paper thin at the position. They face the Dolphins who are 16th vs the RB and have only given up 5 rushing TDs to them. Ty Montgomery, Packers- Is a fair play vs the Bears.

WR: Tyreek Hill, Chiefs- If you didn’t pick him up last week, you still might have a chance to grab him this week. He has an even better matchup vs the Titans. Tyreek might end up saving my fantasy season. Hopefully that is a post I will be writing in 2 weeks. Outside of that, it’s mostly boom or bust. Chris Hogan seems to be an interesting play for the Patriots, but they run into the Broncos this week. Depending on how Chris Harris recovers, that might not be too bad. JJ Nelson, Cardinals- looks like he’s getting hot and is going up vs the Saints. A little bit of points chasing there.

TE: Hunter Henry, Chargers- Remember him? He had a heck of a run earlier in the season, then took a back seat to Antonio Gates. The Chargers struggled to pass the ball last week at Carolina. They will need points vs the Raiders. Keep an eye on Gates’ status. If he is banged up that makes Henry a better play. Jermaine Gresham, Cardinals- Is definitely a more solid play, with maybe less of a ceiling.

D/ST: Bills, Falcons, Texans, and Dolphins all have some good matchups. Hopefully you squirreled one of those away.

Good luck with round one. Hope to see you in round 2!

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9 Responses to 1st and 5

  1. repgrind says:

    This IS round 2 in my league, and I managed to not only squeak into the playoffs as the 7th seed, but I knocked off the 2nd seed last week. I will probably be pummeled into submission by the #1 seed this week, but I got a lot farther than I expected to. 😀

    • oxxo910 says:

      Way to go! Sounds like you are in a deep league. I wanted to expand our playoffs but I just don’t like the options we get. We do ESPN and it’s either 1 round a week for 2 weeks or 2 weeks for the first round and 1 week for the 2nd.
      Win it man. Take a hard look at your matchups and what’s on the waiver wire. Don’t be afraid to bench a big name player if they have a bad matchup. Even before Forte got injured, I was not planning to play him in the playoffs. Crabtree is banged up so I am going with Tyreek Hill who has a juicy matchup vs the Titans.

    • oxxo910 says:

      Feel free to list your lineup and backups and I will give you what advice I can 🙂

      • repgrind says:

        Well let’s see here …
        QB – Carr or Kaepernick
        RB – Ajayi, Latavius Murray, Carlos Hyde, Yeldon, Richard (one of Murray’s handcuffs)
        WR – Allen Robinson, Michael Thomas (NO), Marvin Jones, Tyler Boyd, Malcolm Mitchell
        TE – Zach Ertz, Cameron Brate
        K – Tucker
        D – Falcons

        Best WR still available in my league (after the waivers were run because I was 12/12 so didn’t get any) is Marquise Lee and I’m not sure playing him is any better than playing Robinson this week. Last week I actually played both of my TEs. Don’t think I want to do that this week though.

      • oxxo910 says:

        Both Carr and Kaep are good plays for different reasons. Kaep has a juicy matchup and I think Carr will bounce back nicely after last week. Raiders are fighting for the division.
        Murray and Hyde are both solid. I liked Thomas before he got injured. I actually have him on my team too. Not playing him or Crabtree this week. Is Inman, Tyreek Hill, or Taylor Gabriel available?
        Pay close attention to the weather this week. Last thing you want to do is pick a WR that is in a high wind or really snowy game. Unless its a Green Bay WR. Brady can chuck it pretty good in bad weather too.
        Brate looks like the better play vs Dallas. Keep an eye on the weather with your kicker too. Tucker should be fine though–unless it’s really windy/icy. Falcons D/ST might be the play of the week. I think you have a solid shot, but I am worried about your WRs. Can you play a 3rd RB instead of one? If so, I would go with Ajayi.
        Hope the info helps. Go crush it!

      • repgrind says:

        I can, I’ve been playing 3 RB most of the time.
        None of those receivers are available. This league, the guys (and gals) are on top of things and pay attention. We’re all local and have a live draft in person, so it’s super fun no matter how our teams do.

      • oxxo910 says:

        That’s really cool. My league did that a couple times. Really hard to get everyone together now though, so it’s been online, but “live”. In person is the best for sure.

      • repgrind says:

        It’s been two or three years now since we’ve had the *whole* group together, but 8 or 9 out of 12 with the others drafting online isn’t too bad.

      • oxxo910 says:

        Michael Floyd just got cut in Arizona for his DUI. JJ Nelson might be a good play vs New Orleans this week.

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