1st and 5

Here it is. The final week for pretty much everyone in Fantasy Football. Whether you made it all the way or not, this is probably the last week of active competition. Unless you do Fanduel or Draft Kings, but that’s neither here nor there. What is here is the championship game, and you might need 1 more player to clinch it.

QB: Kaepernick, 49ers- vs the Rams, who pretty much hand out points to QBs. Matt Barkley, Bears- The Redskins defense is in shambles pretty much. Barkley has come on as a decent QB, especially in Fantasy terms. He seems capable of passing the ball in any kind of weather.

RB: Ty Montgomery, Packers- If you were like me, you might have stashed him on your roster. I had no intention of playing him, so I dropped him Sunday morning. Then he tears up my Bears. Don’t I look silly? Well, I’m out of the playoffs so, yeah. He’s got a tough matchup vs the Vikings, but after what he did to the Bears, he should have at least a couple shots to make plays. Derrick Henry, Titans- Kind of a risky play, but the Titans should roll over the Jaguars, which should leave some carries for Henry to take advantage of.

WR: Tedd Ginn Jr, Panthers- He’s a guy that flashes and disappears a lot. Flashed a little vs the Redskins. The Panthers *should* need to score some points vs the Falcons. Travis Benjamin, Chargers- I once thought Benjamin would go to San Diego and have every opportunity to catch TD after TD. I mean, he was pretty good on a crappy Browns team. Even after Keenan Allen went down, I thought Benjamin would rise to the occasion. Nope. Not really. He is going up vs his former team though, so there is that.

TE: Eric Ebron, Lions- For some reason, he’s on my leagues waiver wire. 70% owned in ESPN leagues, so chances are, he’s not on yours. Lions will need to score vs the Cowboys. If you can’t get him, Jared Cook, Packers- This dude has vexed me. I drafted him, dropped him, picked him up again, dropped him again. Aaron Rodgers is back in form, despite a bad calf/leg.

D/ST: Chargers- If you are like me, you might have stashed them away just to use vs the Browns in the championship game. I just missed out on making it back, and being able to exploit this matchup. Hopefully you can! Giants and Raiders have decent matchups and are “fun plays”. Fantasy Football is fun, go for it!

Good luck! I hope you win. Don’t be afraid of benching that under-performing player. See ya next year!

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