Brawl of the week: Party Portals! (again)

This week’s Brawl of the week is: Party Portals! It’s a Brawl we have had once before. Basically, your deck is filled with portal cards. Sometimes they produce a random minion when you play them. I’m still not sure how that works.


Play Medivh or Medivh and dazzle your opponent with portal spells!

If you don’t like the portals given to you, swap them out. It’s good to have a couple you can use right away…


Pick your portals wisely!

We both got these minions (that don’t count as minions, but take up space on the board!) that made our portals cost (1) less. Which was nice. Not sure if they change buffs. I will have to check that out.


What is this thing in the middle?

As a lot of these Brawls go, they are extremely random, and often favor one side vs another. You can see my match was no different. I was able to lock down my opponent most of the game, freeing up my minions to attack the hero. It was a smashing performance.


Smash ya later bro!

So get on in there. A lot of dailies are not in play as both players get Medivh. Get your free pack, and have a ball! See you next year!

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