Brawl of the week: Cart Crash at the Crossroads (again)

We have had a Crossroads brawl, the most times of any brawl. This particular one, I think we have had 2-3 times. Pick a hero, then on your first turn, chose one from 3 other classes to add cards from. Your deck becomes a mixture of the two classes.


Cart Crash at the Crossroads.

This can have some really fun/powerful effects. It can also backfire in epic fashion. The RNG is pretty strong, but because you can mix things up, it’s kind of neat.


It’s always a mage.

I started out with a Warlock, and had a nice long game. I was finally unable to keep up with my opponent and had to concede.


You pick.

The next time, I wisely chose the mage. I waited patiently as my opponent agonized over which class to support their mage cards…


Then I pick.

I went with druid cards. I’m not even sure why. Now that I think about it, I don’t remember getting any.


Then you die!

I usually like to take paladin or priest cards to supplement whichever class I choose. RNG plays a significant part. It’s usually the player who can keep the most minions on the board. Since it’s random, you (or your opponent) will usually not have many removals at your disposal.

Have fun with it. Since you can pick any class, you can get all of the dailies done. Some will just be slower than others. Go get your free pack, and melt some faces. See you next week!

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