Best ‘back to back’ songs on an album

I follow this dude who covers the Blackhawks for the Sun-Times, Mark Lazerus. Besides being a solid beat writer, he is a lover of foods, and music. Which happens to be a couple things I love to talk about, and thus write about as well. So he brought up this question on his twitter feed:

On his subsequent tweet, he asked if we had a favorite. Of course I do. This is something that would pop into my head when listening to music. So what is it? The blank has been drawn, which means, I have to do some research! I knew this was going to be an undertaking, so I figured, it would be a nice blog post too.

The most obvious back-to-back songs that comes to mind is from Queen- We will rock you, We are the champions. It was even released on the same 45 (that’s a record for you darn kids). Generally when it’s played on the radio, it’s played back to back, as it is on their album, News of the World.

The thing is though, as awesome as these songs are, they aren’t even my 2 favorite Queen songs.

I’ll have to go to my favorite band, Def Leppard and maybe my favorite album–High and Dry. Now, the more you like an album, the harder it is to pick out the two best songs right? This kind of muddies the waters a bit. High and Dry (Saturday Night) is definitely one of my favorites. It’s followed by Bringin’ on the Heartbreak, which is a really awesome song. However, this might not even be the best two back to back songs that Def Leppard has to offer. I mean, there’s Pyromnaia, and Hysteria. I simply cannot decide (to quote Negan).

It might be easier to take a band I like less, therefore I like less of their songs, and it will be easier to pick out their 2 best back to back songs. I knew this was going to be trouble.

Revolution Calling/Operation Mindcrime– The meat and potatoes of the Operation Mindcrime concept album by Queensryche. This is one of my all-time favorite albums, maybe top 5. Choices are hard, people.

One of my biggest problems, like with food, I like too much music. From ABBA to Rob Zombie, and everything in between. I lost count of my CD collection after 300, and this was over a decade ago. I don’t buy CDs as often as I used to.

I would be hard pressed to find 2 better, emotionally charged songs than I do off of the album, The Sickness by Disturbed. Track 3, Stupify, and track 4, Down with the Sickness are epic anthems. By far the two best songs on the album, and quite possibly, my favorite two by the band.

Honorable mention:

Die with your boots on/The Trooper– From one of Iron Maiden’s best albums, two great hard rocking songs. If those don’t get you going, I dunno what will.

Even though I didn’t get this CD until sometime in the early 90s, Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen, is by far my favorite from him. I don’t know where it ranks all-time, but it’s in my top 10 for sure. Looking at the track listing, it’s kind of daunting to pick two songs out. I can only go to my favorite song, Glory Days, then try to figure out which I like better. Dancing in the dark, is the obvious choice but there is something about I’m going down (innuendos aside) I can really relate to.

For whom the bell tolls/Fade to Black– When I finally realized I liked Metallica, it was Fade to Black that I remembered hearing, and was like, “oh, yeah–this is a really good song”. I totally need to do a Metallica list, and have them unofficially sponsor one of my Fantasy Football seasons. 2017 will be the Smashing Pumpkins.

3 Doors Down is another of my favorite bands. I loved Kryptonite from the first time I heard it. Being a lover of 80s music, it fit right in with the hard rocking bands from that decade, and really, they are timeless. Loser follows Kryptonite on their debut album, The Better life, and is a very powerful song.

I could probably add another 10-12 contestants to this post, but I think it should end here–for now. Perhaps I will think more on it and make it a “best of” or something. Until then enjoy some good music, maybe think on your own favorite back-to-back tracks. Feel free to leave them in the comments down under. Thanks again to Mark Lazerus for the great topic!

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