Brawl of the week: Spellbook Duel

This Week’s Brawl is: Spellbook Duel. If after playing it, you think this name is a little misleading, I totally agree. It states plainly enough, choose your spellbook carefully, blah, blah, you will chose from 3 cards in your deck each round. Okay.


‘Spellbook Duel’.

You pick your class, and create a deck of 10 cards. I was thinking spells; I didn’t even think to click on a minion. I kind of thought minions would be filled in somehow. Anyways, the result was not pretty.

My opponent, a druid, decided to go C’Thun on me. Loaded his deck up with minions that buff C’Thun, then popped him out on round 8–much to my surprise. Oh yeah, one little thing to keep in mind: since you are only putting 10 cards into the deck, you can have triples–even of those minions you can only have 1 of. Kind of a pet peeve of mine. I know we have had brawls like this (normally, you pick 1-3 cards, and your deck is populated with those).


I dig Discovery mechanic brawls. Especially when you build the deck.

I was locked and loaded with 10 powerful spells. I brought nukes to a gunfight, but I lost that gunfight. Don’t do what I did!


F that S.

So, when a 2nd C’Thun came out, I knew the goose was cooked. I conceded, and went back to the drawing board. I’ll choose my spells real carefully this time. Mainly by putting none in the deck. Ha.


Back to the drawing board.

This time I picked the druid. I’m not even sure why. Was it because I lost to 2 druids? I really don’t know. My main strategy was to put some high cost minions in the deck and have Alarm-o-Bots draw them out. Also, I’m pretty sure I had more than 3 Alarm-o-Bots. Since there is a Discovery mechanic, you can end up with a bunch of the same card.


That’s what I thought! (not really, but I’ll take it)

Yeah. Haha. I got the last laugh this time. I was actually really worried I wouldn’t be able to make a good enough deck. If this didn’t work out, I was going full-mill deck on them. Lucky for me, I was able to win, and thus get to post-writing.

This week’s brawl is fun, and challenging. There is a lot of different things you can try. Since you only pick 10 cards, you shouldn’t have to worry too much if you have a limited pool to choose from. Be creative, have fun, and go get that free pack! See you next week!

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7 Responses to Brawl of the week: Spellbook Duel

  1. repgrind says:

    Not surprisingly, my first thought is ‘I wonder how Prince Malchezzar would work in this’ … xD

  2. Dobablo says:

    Your card pile is never depleted (except in special circumstance) so you can carry on drawing the same minion forever. My last game featured 5 Aya Blackpaw in a row 😀
    I absolutely loved this brawl and have spent far too long playing it.
    Since Reno is in almost every deck (and iceblock for mages) you need a way to execute from high health levels. The most reliable that I have seen are C’thun decks. Jade golums are also very effective and Mages have Sorcerer’s Apprentice (x2 or 3), Flamewaker and Arcane Intellect which can be devestating.
    My first deck was a Kazakus priest with lots of AoE and healing to keep me in the game until I could win with several turns of sheep/freeze and +8 damage hits but it was too slow and not Reno proof.
    Eventually I went Jade-Rogue mostly because I had a play 50 cards quest.
    Cards that play directly from the deck (like Patches, and secrets via Mad Scientist or Mystery Challenger) can be used to tactically reduce your deck deck. I’ve had a Deathlord remove my Reno and Beneath the Grounds / Iron Juggernaut / Weasel Tunneler / Excavated Evil can kill the Highlander Decks.

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