Brawl of the week: Boss Battle Royal

This week’s Tavern Brawl is: Boss Battle Royal. Choose a class and get a corresponding ‘Boss’ to use. The deck is made up of all sorts of funky cards. If you like RNG, this brawl will make you very happy.


So, I went with the hunter, and you get Skelesaurus Hex? Uh, sure.


As such, you get a mix of hunter cards, and don’t even remember. Going up vs the Curator can be tough sledding. His hero power is: Give your hero Taunt; passive. Especially great when you don’t draw any direct damage or AoE cards. The frustration builds.


When you pick the mage, you are the Curator. Mage spells are your main pool. This match didn’t even get started because Coren Direbrew’s hero power is: Summon a random minion, and place it into the field of play.


Of course my opponent would draw Baron Geddon. I quit as soon as that happened, given, I had only 1-2 health minions in my hand.


Grobbulus was next up, as I selected the rogue. No, rogue cards*, but it seems the neutral minions had a decidedly Naxxramaus flavor. Which was nice. Hero power is: Do 1 damage to ALL minions; if any die, summon a slime.


This time, I would outnumber, and overpower my opponent. It was about time. This brawl looks to be tremendously lopsided most of the time. Some of the cards/bosses seem neat. I might play through all the classes once, just to see what they play like. It’s nice that there is more than 2 bosses to be able to play, but the RNG is heavy.

You gotta get in there to get that free pack. There is still fun to be had, so go has it! See you next week.

*I did draw one rogue card on the very next turn!

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