Who do you want to kill Negan vs who should kill Negan

The hot topic on The Walking Dead right now is probably Negan. He was introduced season 6, episode 16. He started off season 7 by killing two of our favorite characters. He has a strong presence in the comics, and is probably the most fierce/hated villain to date. So like all heavies, he will die right? I can’t give that up–yet!

*****Spoilers Ahead*****

Continue only if you want certain story elements spoiled. Some major, some minor, but this is your last chance!

So we are not 100% that Negan will die, but I think he definitely will. When/where, and most importantly–who is anyone’s guess. You have to admit, he is kind of compelling character. I think he will stay alive at least for the rest of season 7. I could see a bunch of people taking him out. I’ll make my case for who I think eventually will, and why.

Rick– He is probably the leader in the clubhouse at this point. However, he makes the decision not to kill him in the comics. That said, he has a lot of guilt for how things have transpired.

Maggie– For obvious reasons. Negan killed her baby daddy, and the zombie apocalypse’s best pizza delivery boy. He put her through an emotional ringer. It wouldn’t feel right if she didn’t at least maim him heavily.

Daryl– If being tortured is not enough, he was pretty much responsible for getting Glenn killed. He’s going to want to give Maggie the ultimate apology–Negan’s head on a pike. Daryl is a wildcard, as he is not in the comic.

Carl– He went off to kill him once. He made Carl cry and sing “you are my sunshine”. It will be interesting to see if Carl’s interaction with Negan has softened him a little.

Sasha- Another obvious reason. He put “red” out of business. Sasha has done a good job of keeping her rage in check. She gets the chance, I know she will want to end him. Her and Maggie have gotten closer since Glenn and Abraham were killed. She would absolutely take Negan out, even if it meant giving her life up. She is probably the groups best shooter.

Rosita– Same. She already tried to kill Negan and shot Lucille. That said, she probably won’t be let anywhere near him. You can bet she will be gunning for him, hard.

Eugene– He might have the best chance to poison or blow him up as Negan’s bullet maker. Negan would never see it coming. Don’t under estimate Eugene. He stepped up at the end of season 6 and drove the RV around solo when he knew there were bad people out to get them. If it’s any single person, I would actually say Eugene has the best chance.

Morgan– I know what you are thinking. Morgan is probably the last person you would think would kill Negan. That’s exactly why! He is the only one who might be able to take him in close combat. Morgan already jumped back into the killing business to save Carol. Was that foreshadowing?

Jesus– He’s sneaky as f-ck. Would he kill him though? I’m thinking more like he would incapacitate him, and bring him back to Rick & company.

Michonne– Michonne killed the governor. Ran him right through with her beautifully crafted Samurai sword. He didn’t die straight away, his girlfriend came by to finish him off. Michonne doesn’t really have the same connection to Negan as she did with Philip though. However, she has been practicing her aim with a rifle, and did go off solo to try and find where Negan lives.

Carol– Carol saves the group from pretty much every nasty situation they get into. She has the charm and tact to be able to get close to him. She has spent the first half of season 7 trying to run away from people, and mainly killing. The wildcard is, Carol is not alive at this point in the comic, so we have no clue where her story leads. An epic trade of lives? One last epic kill?

Negan is too badass for one person to kill him. It’s gotta be multi-person. It’s gotta be up close and personal. It will probably be very violent. Who has been tortured the most by him? He killed Maggie’s baby daddy. He killed Sasha’s current, and Rosita’s ex-boyfriend. He emasculated Rick, mind-f-cked Daryl. Burnt Dwight’s face, and had his way with his ex-wife Sherry. That’s quite a long list there.

I’m going to spring one more major spoiler on you: Stop reading if you don’t want to see this!

******Major Spoiler Ahead*****

I feel obligated to warn you, but really, if you read all the way down here, you might as well just keep reading!

Okay. Negan definitely loses power, but he is still alive in the comics. I read something that creator Rober Kirkman originally only planned to have him around for a handful of issues. Like many well written characters, they attach themselves to you. However, there are many differences between the comic and TV show.. Morgan did build a prison right inside Alexandria’s walls. This doesn’t mean it will be used on Negan, but really, it probably will. That’s not to say he will live forever. I can see where the TV show would differ from the comic here. I mean imprisonment is pretty boring to watch. Unless he breaks out, but that would be kind of unoriginal.

I would have an epic fight, where 3-4 characters get critical shots on him. I have to say, it would be most satisfying if Maggie got the kill shot. You know Carol is going to have a part it in. Either way, it will probably be spread out over the summer just like we hung in suspense over who Negan was going to kill.

Who do you want to land the killing blow on Negan? Who should land the killing blow? Feel free to let me know in the comments down below!

The Walking Dead returns February 12 at 9e/8c (check your local listings for exact time)

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