Brawl of the week: Gift Exchange

I’m not sure why we get this week’s Tavern Brawl now. We have had it once before and it was in fact during Winter’s Veil. That is when we got the Winter Veil Cardback. Not sure if that is available with this brawl, as I have it on both my accounts.


The mechanics are interesting: Every round there is a gift box placed on that player’s side with 0/4. If either gift happens to be destroyed, the current player gets what is inside!


There are some cool things you can do with the crates, but I will leave that up to you to figure out. I will just say priest decks will probably get really annoying later in the day. This battle has a lot of replayability since you pick your class and build you own deck.


I’m not sure exactly why my opponent conceded so soon, but I had no real answer for him just yet. I’m glad they did though. Get in there and see what gifts Greatfather Winter left you. Get that free pack, and enjoy! See you next time.

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