Brawl of the week: Battle of Tol Barad

This week’s Brawl is one of my favorites: Battle of Tol Barad. Create your deck, and for every minion you play, you get a random same-cost spell, that costs (0) to cast. If that sounds confusing it’s not…


Battle of Tol Barad.

Basically, play a 1 cost minion, get a 1-cost spell, which is reduced down to zero. Since you build your own deck, you can kind of cultivate certain spells. It’s still very random, so there’s that.


Mage brawl deck.

I picked a mage, because, well, I like the mage deck. Mages actually have lots of nice multi-function minions. The beauty of this brawl is you can make a pretty wicked deck from basic cards. I think I will do that post for tomorrow.


Fear me!

In the meantime, you jump in there and have some fun. Get that free pack, and see what kind of shenanigans there are to be had. See you next week (if not sooner!).


I make you so crazy, you quit!

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