Basic Tol Barad deck

This week’s Tavern Brawl is one of my favorites. So much so, I thought I would make a deck using only basic cards, and share it with the world. Grab your favorite beverage and come along for the ride!


The premise is simple: For every minion you play, you get a same cost spell, which you can cast for free! Making a balanced deck is key. If you stack your deck right, you can dominate the brawl. I’m not going to lie, it’s challenging only using basic cards, so I might use a few “common” cards that can be easily crafted for 40 dusts per card.


One of the strategies could be to try and procure, or ‘cultivate’ certain cards. This is done by simply stacking your deck with minions that cost the same. In this case, I have (8) 2-cost minions in my deck. If you happen to have Equality by chance, and you are running a paladin deck, best put it in there!

Now, one thing to keep in mind is, this brawl uses ‘Wild’ rules, which simply means: you can use any card in your entire library–no restrictions. So those nasty cards from Naxx or Goblins vs Gnomes are welcomed!


I really hate the Doomsayer. So beating a player using one is oh-so-sweet!

Let’s talk about the cards. I tried to use a lot of Charge and Battlecry minions. This way, if/when they get wiped off the board, you still got a use out of them, in addition to the spell they generate. Feel free to sub in or out as you see fit.

1- Cost Minions: Elven Archer (1)- I just put one in. It comes in really handy. You might want to put 2 in. Totally up to you.

Goldshire Footman (2)- I ran with 2. A couple early Taunt minions. If you have Annoy-o-Tron, by all means, swap this out.

Voodoo Doctor (1)- 2 health plus a 2/1 minion is pretty decent for 1 mana. This minion can heal your hero or another minion. If you have done League of Explorers, and have Brann Bronzebeard, I would go ahead and put him in to enhance your Battlecry minions.

2- Cost: Acidic Swamp Ooze (1)- I put one in just in case. Most people are staying away from weapons here because weapons don’t generate spells.

Argent Protector (2)- There may be some better 2-cost minions to consider. This one is a “common” minion, so you would have to have gotten it from packs or craft it for 40 dust. If you don’t have it, and don’t want to craft it–don’t worry about it. Plenty more 2-cost minions out there.

Bluegill Warrior (2)- This little guy is sweet. 2/1 minion with Charge. Can be played in concert with other cards to really ramp up it’s value. Not saying it’s a must-have, but it’s pretty nice.

Frostwolf Grunt (1)- A 2/2 minion with Taunt. Nothing fancy. Feel free to swap it out with an upgrade as you see fit.

Grimestreet Outfitter (2)- This is either crafted for 40 dust or contained in “Mean Streets of Gadgetzan” packs. It’s not a must-have, but for the “money” and mana, it’s a hugely powerful card. 1/1 minion that buffs EVERY minion in your hand with +1/+1. If you are rolling with any paladin deck, I’d craft 2 and never look back.


Using a balanced deck in this brawl will help you dominate your opponents.

3-Cost: Dalaran Mage (1)- This guy is pretty slick. A 1/4 minion that gives +1 Spellpower. That doesn’t seem like much, but all of a sudden that Consecrate now does 3 damage. I only put one in, but you might want to consider more.

Ironfur Grizzly (1)- I only put one of these 3/3 minions with Taunt. Feel free to add another if you fancy it.

Raid Leader (1)- The Raid Leader, a 2/2 minion that gives all your other minions +1 attack can be devastating when used properly. I only put one in there, and quite frankly, one is enough. Many times I found myself waiting to have enough minions to benefit.

Wolfrider (2)- Like the Murloc Warrior, this card is not a must-have, but it sure is nice in this brawl. A 3/1 minion with Charge can either take out a minion or deliver a nice jab to your opponents face. Combine it with other buff cards to maximize it’s effect!

4-Cost: Chillwind Yeti (2)- This bad boy is only replaced by a select few cards. One of them is the Piloted Shredder from Goblins vs Gnomes, if you have it. Otherwise, go to town with this 4/5 minion. It’s 5 health means your opponent has to burn a serious damage/removal to get rid of it.

Consecration (2)- One of the few spells I included. There are definitely other minions you could use such as Explosive Sheep, if you have it. However, because it can be pumped up by cards like Dalaran Mage, make it pretty handy as well.

Dark Iron Dwarf (2)- This dude is a 4/4 minion that grants another friendly minion +2 attack for the turn. A solid card, but you may have an upgrade.

Gnomish Inventor (1)- A 2/4 minion that allows you to draw a card. Solid, but not spectacular. It’s low attack may let your opponent go for other minions, then you can come back with Dark Iron Dwarf or Raid Leader.


Many of your battles with a basic deck will be long, hard fought campaigns.

5-Cost: Darkscale Healer (1)- Only have one, but one may be just what you need. She is a 4/5 minion that heals all friendly characters for 2. That can be pumped up with minions like the Dalaran Mage.

Nightblade (2)- A fantastic card for almost any deck, this 4/4 minion has a Battlecry: Deal 3 damage to the enemy hero. Pow! Yeah. Pretty solid. Especially if you have Brann on the board.

6-Cost: Reckless Rocketeer (2)- This is a nice card for 2 reasons: 1, you have the obvious 5/2 minion with Charge, and 2: It’s a 6 mana card. Those 6 mana spells are pretty nice!

7-Cost: Guardian of Kings (2)- In the paladin deck, this is a pretty powerful card, especially in this battle. Not a lot of 7-cost spells out there, so there is a good chance you will get: Flamestrike, Sprint, or Firelands Portal.

That should give you a basic idea of some cards to use. Pretty much all of them can be swapped out. Be sure to have 3-4 of each mana cost at the minimum. If you happened to do any of the adventures like Naxxramas or League of Explorers, you will have some nice options there.

There is a lot of fun to be had with this brawl. I hope this guide helps you to enjoy it, even if you don’t have a huge library.








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