I am American

I am American


I would like to share a facebook rant I recently posted. I don’t like posting my political thoughts often, but sometimes, I just can’t help myself. The world is in a volatile place right now. So many are simply misguided. If we differ in our political/religious ideology, that is OK. We can in fact still be friend/coworkers, and most importantly–fellow Americans. Yes we can. There is only one side telling you otherwise, and they are wrong.

“I’ve been a republican since long before I could vote. I have always had a high regard for law enforcement and military. Most importantly, I have always tried to live by the ‘golden rule’. I am so ashamed of those who call themselves “liberal” and go on like they do. They have the nerve to call us “deplorable” and un-American. Meanwhile, we are the vast majority who are serving and protecting the country while they have the time to gather in protest of the American way of life. If it bothers you so much dear liberals, you are free to leave. You won’t though, because no other country on the face of this planet will let you shit all over them, and ask for more. Disrespect all you want, but don’t dare call yourselves American. You are clearly not. You represent everything that is wrong with the country. I challenge you to quit being part of the problem, and actually be part of the solution. Your so called protests, are nothing more than hate rallies for anyone who has an ideology that differs from your own. That is not American. Wake up.”

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