Walking Dead Weekly

Sunday night, our favorite zombie apocalypse show returned. I have to be honest, it was more ‘just another episode’, than a second half premiere. That being said, it was still The Walking Dead, and did not disappoint on some real good action. Before we get into it,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Rock in the road started out fairly calm. The long awaited trip to the Kingdom was uneventful, if predictable. I was pretty sure Ezekiel will need to be pushed by something, perhaps the death of his promising squire, Benjamin. Perhaps another heated exchange between Richard and the saviors.

Selling out: Gregory will sell out Rick and the others the first chance he gets. I mean, he already has I guess when he tried to give up Maggie and Sasha. Perhaps he will have a “redemption” moment. Not sure what he does in the comic.

Losing myself: It was kind of interesting to see Morgan lie to Rick’s face about Carol. Ok, it was a half-lie. Carol is gone, but not gone. There is something underlying here.

One thing: One thing I noticed was that Morgan suggested to take out Negan, and maybe that would stop the Saviors. Interesting that it went ignored. I don’t think it was brought up on Talking Dead.

Eyes on you: Is Carol watching out for Benjamin or was it just a chance encounter in the forest? She tried to scare him like he was a little kid, and refreshingly, he wasn’t afraid. He even offered her some food and water. Little does he know, Ezekiel and Morgan have been taking care of that.

The good, bad, and the ugly: Daryl stayed behind at The Kingdom so he won’t be found anywhere else. The Saviors have yet to set foot in the Kingdom–good. Sasha (and me) knew Ezekiel would not be quick to join Rick and Hilltop to go to war with the Saviors. I’m hoping it doesn’t take all the way until the finale for it to happen, but somehow I think it will–bad. Rosita’s attitude just sucks. The way she treats Eugene most of the time, and then the sassy remark that she and Sasha are not friends, they just “slept with the same dead guy” was crappy–ugly. Real ugly.

We need these explosives: It was nice to see something break in the favor of the group. Stumbling upon the barricade of cars rigged with dynamite, RPGs, and tanks of gasoline was a gold mine. It also set up some cool f/x.

Simon Says: Daryl is hiding at Alexandria. Wrong. We all know he’s at The Kingdom. Simon also said Daryl is targeted for execution and he wants all of Alexandria to witness. I don’t like Simon. Cannot wait to see who gets the kill shot on him. That sounds like it’s own post.

Boat: The group finds Gabriel’s bible and come to the conclusion that he took the supplies to the boat that Rick and Aaron scavenged. After tracking Gabriel’s shoe prints, the group is surrounded by 30-40 armed young men and women. Rick breaks into a huge smile.

Questions: This episode left more questions than it answered, for sure. The biggest of which is probably this new group who surrounded Rick and company. I have heard rumors who they are, but I still don’t know much about them. Who are they? Will they be quick to join them? Where did they come from? Do they have Heath? Do they have anyone else from their past? Have they had run-ins with the Saviors?

Why did Gabriel act alone and take all the supplies to the boat? Was he contacted by a member of their group? Possibly the one who was surveying Alexandria? Where is he now? It didn’t look like he was around.

What will it take to convince Ezekiel to go to war against the Saviors? Morgan? Carol? A key member of The Kingdom being killed? I’m betting on the latter. Either Richard or Benjamin. By looks of next week’s preview, it looks like another confrontation is going to take place.

Will Carol stick around or take off? If she saw or heard about Rick and the group coming to The Kingdom, will that push her away? If history proves anything, she will keep an eye on things and spring out when needed the most.

Zombie kill of the week: Not even a doubt. This one is a 10-beller (if you are familiar with hockey, you might catch that one). There hasn’t been as epic a zombie kill since Daryl RPG-ed the pond in Alexandria. Rick and Michonne hopped into cars on either side of the expressway and used the cable the dynamite was attached to, to cut the walkers in half. If you haven’t watched it yet, man you need to! It was capped off with a nice explosion.


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