2017: The year after a championship

2017: The year after a championship


February 14th, pitchers and catchers report

Sunshine descends on spring fields in Arizona

Glorious big skies stretch out, eyes open wide

Blue and bright, beckoning, vastness

An ocean of hope and dreams

Still hungover from the magnificence that is the championship

A summer looms, not so far in the distance

Spring is on the heels of a fleeting winter

Gone is the pressure that had built over a century

Gone is the tag of “loveable loser”

In comes the tag of the champion

This season will be like none other

At least in the past 108 years

This season will be pure joy

Bathe in the afterglow

Eat more hotdogs

Drink more beer

Enjoy every bite, every sip

Every handshake, high-five, and fist bump

Celebrate every “W”

Mourn every loss

Give it the 24-hour rule

Perhaps they will win another, but if not, we finally got the prize

That prize is this season. A year to hold your head up high

Look every opposition in the eye, knowing, our team was the best

If only for one season

If only for one dream

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