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Last night’s episode, New Best Friends, was how the 2nd half should have kicked off. It started off with another tense meeting between the Saviors and The Kingdom, before we dive into it,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Just when I thought things were going to escalate, Ezekiel bows down again, this time letting a Savior further demean Richard and take his gun from him. It was nice to see Morgan jump in when things got a little physical. Benjamin jumped in as well, and showed he can handle himself with the staff. Unfortunately, Morgan lost his hand-crafted staff to the same Savior who took Richard’s gun. All this went down in the opening segment. So, if you missed it, you missed a lot!

Secret Separation: Richard shows Daryl his shack-o-guns and stuffs. He wants Daryl to help him hit the Saviors and lead them back to The Kingdom. Only problem is, Richard mentioned a woman, and Daryl quickly figured out it was Carol. I was really surprised he didn’t kill Richard straight away. Richard is way too emotional to the point of becoming unhinged, and that is no bueno. If they can’t calm him down, he could lash out and start something with the Saviors before Rick & co. are ready.

***New Group: The Scavengers***New characters: Tamiel and Jadis***

The Scavengers: In just the 3rd segment, we get to see what happens to Gabriel, Rick & company, and it’s pretty epic. First of all, I have to say the music in this episode is spectacular. It seems to hit on this new era that is unfolding. Really digging it. Rick makes his case for why this new group should join them. The leader says no. Gabriel steps up and holds one member at knife-point. It leads to the leader prompting Gabriel to make his case. Something clicked with her, as she beckoned rick to be shown, “up, up, up”. There it overlooked the entire junkyard. You can see the Sanctuary off in the distance. The leader of the Scavengers tells Rick he must prove his worth, and shoves him down into a pit where he must fight an armored walker one on one. After a brief fight, Rick emerges victorious, and round 2 of negotiations resume. This time Rick and their leader strike an accord. A new alliance is forged–for now. Rick finally asks the leader what her name is, Jadis.

It was really nice to see Rick so confident in a dire situation. He was stoic and fearless. Strongly negotiated a deal with this new community.

Reunited: And it feels so good! Daryl finds Carol after he gets back to The Kingdom and it’s better than I ever could have expected it to be. Their bond of friendship is as strong as ever. If she only knew what Daryl and the others have been threw since she left.

What made you smile: Gabriel and Rick have a nice talk and he lets Rick know what happened back in Alexandria with the supplies. I knew it was out of character for him just to take all their food and bolt. Gabriel asks Rick what made him smile. Rick says “someone showed me that enemies can become friends” as he puts a hand on Gabriel’s shoulder. That was a really nice moment, in an episode of nice moments.

Rosita is a tremendous shit. She really did deserve Spencer. I’m wondering if she will be of any use to Alexandria going forward. Someone is going to have to give her a major attitude adjustment.

Rick tells Tara she has been out further than anyone else, “at least you can tell us where not to look”. Tara smiles and nods, she will keep Oceanside a secret for now.

Carol explains why she left to Daryl. She then asks how everyone back at Alexandria was. Daryl could see her emotion pouring out of her. He lies and says the Saviors came; everyone was fine. They made a deal like Ezekiel did. No doubt his talk with Morgan hit home.

Two tigers: Daryl seems to be comfortable around the tiger–more importantly, Shiva is at ease with him. The two tigers make an instant bond. Daryl and Morgan have a nice talk about Carol. Daryl tells Morgan they need The Kingdom and he needs to make it happen. Morgan insists it can’t be him. Daryl then tells him, “whatever you are holding onto, you already lost,” and to “wake the hell up”. Hoping that Daryl’s words have the same affect on Morgan as Morgan’s did on him. Daryl tells Morgan he is going back to Hilltop in the morning. I am skeptical about this for a couple reasons. Daryl’s safety, and Carol’s. Daryl is the only one that knows about Richard’s plan.

This is the episode we should have got last week. I’m sure they could have made it a 90 minute installment. As it turns out, New Best Friends is probably in my top 10. Maybe that’s for the better.

Questions: My biggest question out of last night’s show, is probably: What will Carol do now? Now that she knows Daryl was there, will she go to Hilltop when she finds out he left? Will she leave again? Will she rejoin The Kingdom? I’m kind of afraid for her now more than ever.

Will Richard hold it together long enough for Rick to come back and tell them they formed an alliance with the Scavengers? He has the weapons Rick needs to cement the alliance. Will he make another attempt on Carol now that Daryl left?

Morgan lost his staff. Does he craft a new one? Does he consider Daryl’s words and talk to Ezekiel about the Saviors? Perhaps Rick or someone else will visit and tell them about the Scavengers.

Zombie kill of the week: There was only two, but it was an obvious win: Rick facing off vs Winslow–the armored walker. Difficulty level: 10/10.



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