Bulls need to change the image of their organization

Reading all the possible trades that were going to happen involving Jimmy Butler and various other players, I couldn’t help to think that they are so beyond help right now. Even if they trade Butler & company, do you trust the current front office to draft and develop players? I sure don’t. They need a cleansing. They need to revamp their image.

It’s been clear since their latest failure: They fired Tom Thibodeau, who had the most wins since Phil Jackson racked them up on his way to 6 NBA championships. Replaced him with Fred Hoiberg, then traded Derrick Rose to New York. The Jimmy Butler era has not been so great. They brought in Dwyane Wade, who famously trashed the organization, and Rajon Rondo, who was no stranger to infighting.

What did they think was going to happen? They were going to catch lightning in a bottle? It got so bad that Doug McDermott and Nikola Mirotic got worse. Bobby Portis has failed to develop, and first round draft pick Denzel Valentine can’t get on the court. Say what you want about Thibs, but at least players got better under his regime.

The biggest problem isn’t coaching, it’s that John Paxson and Gar Forman have lost that loving feeling. It’s time for them to a) find another organization or b) find other work. They simply cannot continue to run the Bulls organization and intend on being successful. In addition to that, the Bulls organization needs a facelift, and they need it in the worst way. They haven’t been able to get top tier free agents since Michael Jordan left. They damn sure aren’t going to draw them with current management.

I don’t have a clue who they need to bring in, but it needs to be someone with energy, intelligence, and a hell of a lot of credibility. I am not really plugged in to the national scene, nor do I know who the up and coming coaches are. The Bulls need to bring back credibility, accountability, and a little personality would be nice. Is Scottie Pippen the answer? I don’t know that he wants to be a GM. I think he did at one point. The coach needs to be someone that can develop young/raw players. One of Thibs’ best attributes is that he got every ounce of of the players. That was a double edged sword perhaps, he also ran them into the ground by the playoffs.

Maybe go after someone in the Spurs organization. They seem to get things right. It would be nice to have someone that has ties to the Chicago Bulls, but that’s kind of pie in the sky. To allow Gar/Pax to rebuild yet again is the definition of insanity. Jerry Reinsdorf is highly loyal to his coaches/management, and is usually tortoise slow in making changes. Now is the time. Cut ties. Start fresh. Stop the futility.


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