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Last night’s episode, was a bit of a departure from the main story. Much like early in season 7, we got another look at life at the Sanctuary. This time it was focused on Eugene and his assimilation with the Saviors. Before I go any further,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Hostiles and Calamities starts out with Dwight finding out Daryl is gone, and Sherry is probably the one who sprung him. At the same time Negan was coming back from Alexandria. This is a minor annoyance for me, just because it took place sometime between Negan killing Spencer (after he drove Carl back to Alexandria) and Daryl escaping, which happened in the season finale. It’s just awkward since we heard Negan yelling about it last episode (on the radio) when it happened a few more episodes back.

Keep them on their feet: Much like when Carl arrives at the Sanctuary Negan is very pleased with his latest “guest”. Eugene lays down some of the same schtick he did early on with Rick and company: PHD, Dr., working in the human genome dept. Yadda, yadda, Negan sucks it down like warm orange soda. Negan then proposes his problem to Eugene, who should be able to solve it easily since he is a “smarty pants. Eugene does not disappoint and quickly tells him he has the tools to fix his problem. He then walks away with a huge cat-ate-the-canary grin on his face. Eugene is writing checks his body might not be able to cash, but I like his tact.

Not easy street: Dwighty boy gets pummeled by Negan’s brute squad, then chucked in the same cell Daryl was kept in. I’m thinking this is is a bad move on Negan’s part. We’ll see how it plays out. Negan basically blamed Dwight for Daryl’s escape and wanted to make sure “his head was on straight”. Negan then sends Dwight after Sherry.

A favor: Negan sent 3 of his wives to “platonically” entertain Eugene as a reward for his great idea. The next day 2 of them knock on Eugene’s door and ask a favor of him. Make a “suicide pill” for Amber because she can’t take it anymore. Eugene says he will do it and goes around with Laura collecting the materials.

A note for honey: Dwight goes out to the place he and Sherry lived at last. He finds a note from her that explains why she let Daryl go. Dwight is not happy, but he leaves pretzels and beer for her, should she return. When Dwight gets back to the Sanctuary, he visits Dr. Carson and they discuss Sherry and Daryl. Dwight says he killed her, but we know he didn’t.

If you can’t stand the heat: Negan has Dwight start up the furnace for Dr. Carson. Apparently Dwight sold out the good Dr. and placed the note Sherry wrote for Daryl “Go now” in his office. Not sure why Dwight would do this. Not sure why Negan believes Dwight so easily. Just when it looks like the Dr. will be burnt by the iron, Negan drops it and tosses the Dr. into the furnace–head first. Eugene will now be the new Dr. Too bad for Negan and the Sanctuary, Eugene is not a medical Dr.

I can see this backfiring for Negan two ways: 1) Eugene has more power and will be able to get closer to Negan, and will be trusted to dole out medication (the pills he just made?). 2) Eugene is not a medical doctor. He can do basic stuff, patch people up. Negan is going to quickly find out. This could fast-forward the timeline a bit.

You don’t need to be scared anymore: Negan comes to visit Eugene after killing Dr. Carson. He tells him he doesn’t often extend this kind of opportunity to people. “You don’t need to be scared anymore,” Negan promises. This reminded me so much of the scene from Fright Night (the original not the crappy remake) when the Dandrige extends his hand to Evil Ed and tells him basically the same thing. “All I need to know is one thing,” Negan continued, but before he could get the question out, Eugene answered, “I am Negan!”. It’s very clear Eugene has figured one thing out: kiss Negan’s ass early and often. He is an egomaniac and eats it up. Eugene says he was Negan even before he met the man. He just needed a proper introduction. Color me skeptical.

Questions: Lots of questions popped up, mostly centering on Eugene. Is he really “Negan”? Is he the scared bumbling coward we have come to know and love? At times I thought it was an act, but at other times I thought it was real. He seemed to be trembling after Laura showed him to his room, he went to lock the door and his hand was shaking. Why would he do that if no one was present? Will he use the pills on Negan? I kind of hinted he would be in a position to do that, and it looks like he will get the shot. He’s bluffed his way into a nice position, but Negan will quickly learn he’s not a doctor. Will Eugene live long enough to be a factor in taking down the big-bad?

What’s going on with Dwight? Now that Sherry is gone, he has no real reason to stick around Sanctuary. He can’t be happy with Negan throwing him into the cell for a day. Sherry mentioned in her letter that Dwight has a “shitty memory”, but something like that might stick in your mind. Will Dwight go looking for his wife? Will he revolt against Negan?

Is this a test? Negan sent his wives up to Eugene pretty quickly. He was comfortable that a) Eugene wouldn’t do anything with them and b) they probably wouldn’t do anything with him. Did he underestimate their intelligence or is he testing Eugene? When Eugene refused to give the wives the suicide pills, they were pretty mad at him. Negan said they all spoke “glowingly” of him. Did they really? Was Negan visiting Eugene to size him up? I have a hard time believing Negan trusts so easily. Especially a dude he just met. Hell, he showed he didn’t trust Dwighty boy when he put him in “the cell” for a day.

Does Negan really think Dwight killed Sherry? Again, Negan is more of a “show me” kind of guy. He would have wanted proof she was dead. Would Negan so easily believe she ran into a pack of walkers, and that Dr. Carson freed Daryl? Wouldn’t he want more proof that a note that said “Go now”?

Zombie kill of the week: Not much action in this department. There was a semi-epic human kill though when Negan tossed the good Dr. into the furnace. Nothing to compete with, so Negan is on the board.




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