Fantasy Impact: Where should Adrian Peterson land?

The news came down Tuesday that Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson was heading to free agency. Not really a major shock considering the 32-year old running back was coming of his 2nd major knee injury in 3-4 years. He’s well into the “30” year old running back zone, which usually spells retirement for most mortals. Adrian Peterson is no mortal though.

This brings us to the juicy topic of the day: Where should he go? Right off the top of my head, I can think of a half dozen places I’d like him to go.

Seattle Seahawks: Not unlike Marshawn Lynch, Peterson is a thumper. A pure runner. Power and speed is his game. That fits right in with Seattle. Thomas Rawls is still getting back into form from his broken ankle in 2015. Plug Peterson in and run to the playoffs in 2017.

New York Giants: The Giants used to be a run-first team. The last couple years they have leaned heavily on Eli Manning with mixed results. Adrian Peterson would immediately take pressure off Eli.

Baltimore Ravens: Really haven’t had a solid running back since before xx clocked his wife. Put Peterson on that team, with that defense, and you have something special.

Carolina Panthers: They failed to make the playoffs after a Super Bowl visit in 2015. Cam Newton had a tough year. They did still rush the ball a little, but I think Jonathan Stewart’s best years are behind him. They might not want to shell out big money on a RB, but Peterson would be a great addition. They could easily spend their #8 overall pick on Leonard Fournette.

Detroit Lions: I really don’t want him to stay in the division (NFC North) but he would fit right in with the team that has struggled to run the ball over the last few years. Peterson would take pressure off Matthew Stafford. He’d also get to play against his former team.

New York Jets: The Jets are a bit of a wild card. They have Matt Forte, and Bilal Powell, but don’t mind throwing money at big name players who are closer to retirement than the prime of their career. The Jets draft 6th overall this year, and that is probably a little too high for a running back. They also just released Brandon Marshall and cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Indianapolis Colts: They have another former great RB in Frank Gore. Could you imagine a tandem of Gore and Peterson? Even at the later stages of their careers, I wouldn’t want to have to face them both in the same game. They would be a challenge for all but the best defenses. It would allow them to draft a couple more offensive lineman to maybe keep Andrew Luck off his backside!

That’s what I got. There is the Packers, but they don’t normally sign a lot of free agents. This year’s draft is stocked with capable running backs too. Free Agency is coming up on March 9th, so we won’t have to wait too long to see where AP plays in 2017!



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2 Responses to Fantasy Impact: Where should Adrian Peterson land?

  1. repgrind says:

    I know where he WON’T end up! (yes I’m still salty about drafting him in fantasy last year) :p

    • oxxo910 says:

      Hehe. Sorry man. I don’t think he will be a top 20 pick this year. It depends on where he goes, and how good that team’s line is. I guess he would be a steal late in the second round/early in the 3rd. I’m the same way if I get burned by a player. Although I did pick up Matt Ryan on the waiver wire. I got burned by him 2x. Usually I’m done after 1 time.

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