Walking Dead Weekly

Las night’s episode, Say Yes, was pretty interesting. I thought the Rick and Michonne thing got a little too syrupy for my taste, but a lot of good came out of their scavenging mission. Before we dive into that,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Smells like sex and…guns: Rick and Michonne go out scavenging and find a couple guns, then they run up on two Saviors. They end up raiding their truck which had batteries, pretzels, and beer. I’m assuming they killed the Saviors, but it happens off screen. They also appear to be having lots of sex all over the place.

In a hurry to die: Rosita has worked my last nerve a while back. Now I just want her to die. She goes off alone to look for guns.

“Guns like that, that’s why we’re out here”: Rick and Michonne stumble upon a school. There appears to be walkers, and a carnival in the background. The pair go up on the roof to get a better look. The roof however is flooded. You immediately know one or both will be falling through it. At least half the walkers are military, many of them are carrying guns on their back, or in their holsters. Rick and Michonne have just hit the jackpot. Then they fall through the roof. The camera pans around and you can see stacks of canned goods and “RTEs”. (Meals Ready to Eat) They probably changed the name (from MREs) just to make it easier for people to know what they are.

Toy gun: Rosita’s big haul turns out to be a toy gun. I can’t help but notice she struggles with the one walker she runs upon. She’s totally trying to get herself killed.

Triple layer Crunch Wrap and Fear the Walking Dead: It was after midnight, and I was 3-4 beers in. Can’t help to notice how much the new shorts for Fear the Walking Dead are boring, and even annoying. Still looking forward to the next season. Flight #462 on the other hand, was pretty good.

“Because I listened to you”: Rosita goes to the church and starts to berate Gabriel because she didn’t find any real guns. She blames the deaths of Spencer and Oliva, and the kidnapping of Eugene on him. She says it’s because he told her not to do it. Seems like she is living in an alternate universe. He told her to wait. She didn’t wait. Spencer got his own dumbass killed. Rosita is responsible for Olivia’s death, and Eugene being taken. At least she is feeling some guilt about it, which I guess was a little surprising. The padre handles it well. I never thought I would ever like Gabriel more than Rosita.

Captive audience: In a little foreshadowing, Tara has a “conversation” with Judith in which she makes her case about not telling Rick about Oceanside. You get the feeling she will.

Carnival games: Rick and Michonne decide to take on the walkers to get the guns. They even have a great plan to block a gap in the fence with an abandoned car. The plan unravels when the brakes don’t work and Rick sails into a field populated with walkers. Michonne jumps into the opened trunk and closes it. Shenanigans ensue. Eventually they get the guns and the supplies.

“Say yes”: Rick and friends bring the guns to Jadis and the Scavengers, where she tells him it’s not enough. A negotiation ensues, and Rick goes from 10 guns to 20 guns, and keeping the cat. He tells Jadis to “Say yes”, and she does with a wicked grin. I’m not sure I am the first to say it, but I think these two hook up at some point. There’s just a chemistry there that is undeniable.

I have something to tell you: Tara approaches Rick who was about to knock on her door. She reluctantly tells him, she has something to tell him. It appears she will spill the beans on Oceanside. Not sure how that is going to play out, but they spent a whole episode on the community that Tara narrowly escaped. Should be some good TV.

One condition: Rosita makes her way to Hilltop and approaches Sasha who is tending to Abraham’s grave. Rosita recruits Sasha to go on a suicide mission to kill Negan. Sasha agrees on one condition: She gets to take the shot. Rosita agrees and pulls out a very nice sniper rifle.

Quatro homage: If you missed it, there were at least four “callbacks” (Easter eggs?) to things that have happened in earlier episodes. I’ll break it down for you: Falling through the roof, walker falling apart, piece by piece, Michonne thinks Rick is being eaten by walkers, and Rick being trapped in a vehicle surrounded by walkers. Some things actually happened more than once. Could this be symbolic of their world about to “reset”?

I have a feeling I will be even more pissed at Rosita if she gets Sasha killed.

This episode sets the stage for a bunch of things to happen. I would love to talk about some things revealed in next week’s trailer, but that’s not what this post is about. I might have to write up a spoiler edition.

Questions: Will Jadis honor her deal with Rick? She already kind of changed the terms when Rick showed up with 63 guns, and told him that’s not enough. Kind of Neganesque. She did yield to Rick’s very convincing counter offer. I can’t tell if she is playing them or just really into messing with Rick. I also get the feeling she wants to have a fling with the leader of Alexandria. Things are getting steamy.

Will Tara tell Rick about Oceanside? It seems that’s how it will play out. With it being so obvious, maybe she won’t. If she does, how many of them will go with? They are outgunned tremendously.

Who’s going to die? It seems like Rick, Michonne, Sasha, and Rosita are all being set up. Rick’s speech to Michonne, and their whole “honeymoon” trip is kind of putting a bow on that relationship. He said he could “lose her” and she could “lose him” and still keep going. Then there is the impending suicide mission that Rosita wants to take Sasha on. One or both of them will die. I am 100% sure on that. I don’t think Rick will die this season. We already saw Michonne drop her sword when she thought Rick died. If that was in the fight vs the Saviors, she would have been a goner.

Zombie kill of the week: Oh, there were many. Haven’t had this many walker kills since Rick and crew took back Alexandria. Michonne gets the top two though: Either her skewering 2 walkers or her slicing 2 heads off (could have been three), she was in top form.




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