Walking Dead Weekly: Spoiler edition

I had to do one of these after seeing the preview for this week’s upcoming episode 13: Bury me Here. Even though this is clearly marked as a “spoiler edition” I will give you a chance to step away, step away now!

*****Spoilers Incoming*****

Ok, not that this is even that big of a spoiler, I mean it’s on the preview after Say Yes. There were 2 huge things that seem to be going on here.

Carol not only picked up arms again, she made her way to The Kingdom and asked for Morgan. There’s a lot going on there in and of itself. The fact that she willingly went back to The Kingdom, is seeking out Morgan, and maybe more importantly: Is in the running for Zombie kill of the week! She is looking for more info on her friends in Alexandria. She probably didn’t buy Daryl’s story about everyone being fine. It’s kind of interesting they teased Carol coming back, this could mean there is going to be even more stuff going on. So excited, Carol is coming back!!!

The next huge thing is Ezekiel and his crew look like they are about to have another confrontation with the Saviors. Now, this is not particularly big on it’s own, and it’s not the first time they drew weapons on each other. However, after the last meeting, it seemed to be escalating. Ezekiel even told his guys to knock it off. Even Henry who was quick to defend Morgan and Richard. What does all this mean? Could be the start of the war with the Saviors. I was not expecting it to go down until the season finale.

With Rosita and Sasha possibly going rogue, this could be good or bad. Then there is the fact that Rick or someone else might be going to Oceanside to recruit one more community to join the fight. I have mixed feelings on that. It’s a risk they might not need to take. If anyone gets captured, detained, or killed, it would really slow things down.

What do you guys think will happen? What are you excited to see? Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments down under!

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