2017 NFL Draft: 5 prospects that should be taken top 10

It’s NFL draft season, and with that comes a lot of talk/speculation/deception on where players will be selected in the NFL draft. I did one of these last year and it was pretty fun, so here we go again!

Myles Garrett, DE: Texas A&M– Did not disappoint at the combine. He showed he is the top defensive end in this years draft. People have compared him to Von Miller, but he is more physical, maybe not as explosive. Still, should be the top 1 or 2 pick.

Jonathan Allen, DT: Alabama– Most experts have him as the best interior defensive lineman, some have him as the “safest” pick in the draft. I have concerns about his shoulders, but he has played through injury, and still competed at the combine. He is one of those rare players inside that should be able to get after the quarterback.

Leonard Fournette, RB: LSU– Fournette has been tearing up the SEC for a few years now. He bounced back from a couple injuries and keeps on going. At 6’1″, 240 lbs, he is a powerful runner. That didn’t stop him from running a 4.51 40 yard dash. He picks ’em up and put ’em down, and if you get in his way, he will likely run you over. Look for him to go somewhere in the 6-10 range.

Corey Davis, WR: Western Michigan– At 6’3″ and 209 lbs, Corey Davis is in the mold of Brandon Marshall or a Dez Bryant. He is a powerful receiver who can fight through tackles, then turn on the jets. He is known for his dazzling run after the catch play. There are some who might be concerned with ankle surgery to repair 2 torn ligaments in his ankle. Davis could not participate at the combine.

Jabrill Peppers, Safety: Michigan– He’s not quite Charles Woodson or Shawn Taylor, but he shows flashes of both players. At Michigan he showed his versatility and playmaking ability. He has played corner and linebacker, in addition to being an all-world safety. At 5’11”, 213 lbs, he will probably not see much time at linebacker in the NFL, but has the mentality, which should make him an exceptional defensive back. I’m hoping he doesn’t get past my Bears at #3 overall.

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