Bears Free Agency moves give them flexibility in NFL Draft

The Bears struck quick on Thursday, adding 4 year quarterback Mike Glennon and safety Quintin Demps. They later added Markus Wheaton and tight end Dion Sims*. Not spectacular moves, but this should allow them to be flexible when the draft rolls around.

These moves are building blocks for the Bears headed into the Draft. It will allow them to move down from the 3rd overall pick, if they choose to do so. This is my ultimate wish: trade down and pick up an extra pick or two. This draft is deep in many positions, and the Bears have a lot of needs.

Friday, the added Prince Amukamara and Markus Wheaton.

Mike Glennon: Off and on starter for the Buccaneers. When Lovie Smith came to town, he brought Josh McCown with him, pretty much making Glennon the backup. When that failed, the Bucs drafted Jameis Winston, pretty much burying Glennon on the roster. I’m one of the few people that think Glennon can be more than a “bridge” quarterback. I like what Loggains did with Hoyer and even Barkley for the most part.

Quintin Demps: Is a veteran Safety who has played with 5 teams over his 9 year career. While he is 31, he didn’t start until his 6th season in the league. He might not have all the wear and tear of a 9 year veteran. He adds depth at the position, plus versatility with special teams.

Markus Wheaton: Markus had a breakout season in 2015; in 2016 he had an injured shoulder which eventually needed surgery. Most likely, he will compete for a spot behind Kevin White and Cam Meredith. He might also pitch in on special teams. When healthy, Wheaton brings a lot of speed to the table.

Dion Sims: Sims comes over from Miami. He was drafted out of Michigan State in 2013, and played 4 years with the Dolphins. Sims brings some much needed depth to the position.

Prince Amukamara: Amukamara brings more veteran presence to the Bears secondary. Last year the Bears were down to rookies for a good chunk of the season. In 6 NFL seasons, Prince has only put up 7 interceptions, but has been a decent cover-corner.

*Some deals were not finalized until Friday

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