Walking Dead Weekly

Last night’s episode, Bury Me Here, was a highly emotional installment. Things happened that should help push one community in a direction they might not have intended to go. Before we get into all that,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

We don’t find out until later who the ‘me’ is. I originally thought the single cantaloupe was set intentionally to start a conflict with the Saviors. We learn different. Very different.

I saw the sign: Carol must have been going over her meeting with Daryl in her head for a while. We see her get up in the middle of the night and light up a cigarette. Her trademark that she is really stressed out. Next thing we know she is back to killing, using a “One Way” sign as her weapon of choice. The symbolism was not lost on me. This is a huge shift in her recent philosophy. Which is huge. She is ready to kill again, to protect those she loves. She makes her way to Morgan, where she questions him about the condition of Alexandria.

As Carol walks back to her cottage, she gets the feeling she is being watched/followed. She stops and looks around, then continues. What she didn’t see is Richard on the side of a building. He was in the process of digging a grave. What I didn’t pay attention to were the shopping carts that lined the building.

Right Now: The ‘tribute’ ends up 1 cantaloupe short, which prompts yet another confrontation between The Kingdom and Gavin’s band of Saviors. Gavin knows he is about to accelerate things, so he asks Ezekiel for their guns. Once they get the guns, Gavin says the problem needs to be taken care of right now. Scraggly dude pulls his gun on Richard, who thinks it’s his time to die. Scraggly dude then changes his aim and shoots.

When action resumes, we see it’s Benjamin who has been shot, and is quickly bleeding out. Morgan tells the group to take him to Carol’s place because they left her with lots of medical supplies.

Knocking on Heaven’s door: Benjamin passes away from his gunshot wound on Carol’s table. His death is pretty significant. You may remember I brought this up a while back, when Ezekiel balked at joining Alexandria and Hilltop to fight the Saviors. Benjamin’s death has a profound impact on Morgan and Carol. Morgan leaves, and we see him starting to unravel as he replays events in his head. He goes back to the area where the shopping carts were in the road. He finds a single cantaloupe, and starts putting things together.

It was supposed to be me: Morgan goes to see Richard and he tells Morgan about his plan. It was supposed to be him that sacrifices his life so that the Kingdom will rise up and fight. He then goes on to tell Morgan about his life before he found the community, and how he lost his wife and daughter. Richard also tells Morgan about his future plan to lead The Kingdom into battle, and try to redeem himself for getting Benjamin killed. Morgan doesn’t speak, but you can see the rage boiling under his skin.

12th cantaloupe: Ezekiel and crew take the 12th cantaloupe to meet the Saviors, and fulfill their agreement. Morgan suddenly attacks Richard and ends up strangling the man with his bare hands. Amazingly no one stops him. He then explains what Richard did, and planned to do. I’m not sure why he didn’t call him out on it, and let him explain. Richard was a lot of things, but he was honest. Killing him makes it look like Morgan is a lunatic and is covering up a murder. We all know he isn’t but it’s just an odd play. It does indicate that Morgan has been changed by Benjamin’s death. Morgan then goes to Carol’s place and asks her if she wants to know what really happened to Alexandria. She does, and he tells her everything. Then he says he’s going to kill all the Saviors, one at a time. Hey, it’s a more solid plan than 2 people trying to sneak into Sanctuary and assassinate him. Just sayin’.

Go and not go: Carol uses Ezekiel’s line on Morgan as he starts walking away. It doesn’t look like he will consider it. We then see Carol walk back into The Kingdom and speak to Ezekiel. She tells him she’s back because they need to get ready to fight. Ezekiel agrees, but says it doesn’t need to be today. He is planting stuff with Benjamin’s brother Henry.

The last image we see is Morgan sharpening something, apparently his staff. Putting a sharp point on it signifies he has flipped the switch from peace to war. He fully realizes what needs to be done. It’s as if the Saviors killed his own son. I thought Ezekiel would need something like this to spur him to join the fight. I never thought Morgan would develop such a relationship with Benjamin.

One Way: As I said before, the symbolism was not lost on me. They could have picked any sign, but they chose to use a “One Way” sign. Why? To me, it’s because they want to underscore there is really only one way that works in the new world: Kill or be killed. Protect those you love. This is how it is now. They have said as much, especially Rick. He tried to tell Morgan. Daryl tried to tell Carol. Richard tried to tell anyone who would listen. Morgan knew this, but tried to live different. So did Carol. Now they all know again.

Questions: This episode actually had more answers than questions. The main things that happened, needed to happen in order to advance the plot of war. The Kingdom will now join Hilltop and Alexandria. They are down another couple warriors with Richard and Benjamin departing. I was hoping Rick or Daryl would come back and get Richard’s stash. Perhaps Daryl will when he finds out Richard is dead. He is the only one that knows about it.

Is Morgan unstable or stable? Unlike Carol, who seems to be fully in control of her self, Morgan is at least on the edge between sanity and insanity. He came back once. Can he come back again? That’s probably something that won’t be answered later on. I hope he can stick around long enough to train a new group to fight with the staff.

The next three episodes are probably going to be really intense. Buckle up!

Zombie kill of the week: I pretty much called it last week when I saw the preview for this week’s show. Carol wielding the street sign is doom for any walkers in a 50 foot radius–maybe more. She’s the ‘Chuck Norris’ of the zombie apocalypse. Pretty soon walkers will be exploding upon mentioning her name.





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