Brawl of the Week: Encounter at the Crossroads (again)

This week’s Brawl of the week is: Encounter at the Crossroads (again), with a couple of twists. If you have played this brawl before, you might note that we have had this brawl more than any other Tavern Brawl. I was going to complain about that, and how this one is even more annoying. I’m not going to though.

As you will see, it’s the same “pick a class, get random cards” as it always has been. However there is this little twist.

All of a sudden your board will be filled with 3/5 minions with Taunt. I have no clue as to who gets them first or how they come out after that. I can tell you that you have no control over said minions. Yeah, have fun with that. They seem to use the “chess mechanic” if you are familiar with that brawl.

It took me a couple tries to get my first win. As usual, it all comes down to RNG. The gods smiled upon me and I was able to come out victorious.

But wait, there’s more! In the place of the usual Original pack of Hearthstone cards, is a shiny gift-wrapped with a bow, snazzy new pack of cards. It says available mid-April. This no doubt coincides with the release of the next expansion: Journey to Un’Goro. Now, suddenly, this brawl has become increasingly more interesting. For this week at least.

So get up in there and get that snazzy new pack. It could be simply a pack from the new expansion, or it could be even better! Have fun, and see you next week!

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