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Here we are, one week from the season final for season 7, and things are ramping up quite nicely. We get to see some interaction with Sasha and Eugene in Sanctuary, and Tara leads the group to Oceanside. Before we go further,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Last night’s episode, Something They Need, pushed the group further in their preparation for war. We see the group sneaking up on Oceanside from the shore–the same way Tara did when she washed up on it.

To protect or not: Maggie is outside the walls of Hilltop when Gregory rolls up. She is diligently trying to dig up a blueberry tree to replant inside the walls. Gregory starts talking to her about Hilltop and being a united front. Maggie says she is up for it and that people can change, dropping a hint that Gregory could get a second (or third) chance. A walker stumbles out from the forest line, and Maggie learns that Gregory has never killed a walker. She ends up saving him from two that stumble out from the forest.

Rape is against the rules here: A savior named David tries to rape Sasha in her cell, after she declines his advances. Negan ends up walking in on him, and immediately knows what’s going on. He then sticks his over-sized knife through his neck. After that, he takes advantage of the opportunity to recruit Sasha. I must say, this might be my favorite Negan scene. Negan says out loud how much he likes Sasha’s “beach ball sized lady-nuts”, and wants to “harness that heat”. He gives her a set of options that include: suicide, letting David re-animate and eat her face off, or killing “Rapey David” and joining the cause.

Please say yes: Eugene brings Sasha some “creature comforts” to her cell. He lets he know he is aware of the deal Negan made her, and thinks she should consider it. Seems like watching Abraham die at Negan’s hand broke Eugene. He realizes as long as he stays behind Sanctuary’s walls he will be safe. At one point Sasha looks like she wants to kill Eugene and tells him to leave.

You promised: Tara enters Natania’s cabin and surprises her. She talks to the leader of Oceanside at gunpoint, telling her they are going to take their guns. Tara also advises them to join the collective fight against the Saviors. Cyndie walks in, and Tara continues pleading her case. Cyndie eventually rushes Tara and gets her gun, but finds it empty. They hear an explosion from outside, and Tara says it’s too late.

Rick and the others take Oceanside, including the armory, pretty much without incident. Natania brings out Tara at gunpoint. Rick and Tara both say it doesn’t matter if Tara dies, Rick is taking the guns. He asks Oceanside to join them in the fight. Natania is bent on killing Tara, even if she herself will die. She feels she needs to remind her group what is at stake. A herd of walkers emerge from the forest, drawn by the explosions. Rick hands a couple members of Oceanside some weapons and the two groups fight off the walkers. Cyndie ends up disarming her grandmother and helps protect the others.

You win: Negan returns to Sahsa’s cell to find she stuck David in the head with his huge knife. Negan takes the knife back and says she has a ways to go before he trusts her 100%, but this was a nice start. He keeps working to recruit her. Negan then mentions “a little birdie” told him that Rick is up to no good. He mentions something about enjoying a little of what they have to offer, and that tomorrow will be a big day.

One tequila, two tequila…: Gregory “enjoys” some tequila as he looks at a map, and the note Simon wrote him. He then calls for his flunky, Kal to pack a bag because he needs him to drive him “somewhere”. Obviously the somewhere is the Sanctuary to talk to Simon.

Second thoughts: Eugene comes to check on Sasha and she tells him she can’t join them; the thought of her fighting against her friends, or Negan using her to get at them, will not fly. She begs Eugene to get her something so she can “prevent Negan from using her”. A gun, a knife, some glass…anything. Eugene says he will consider it. Sasha smiles (from behind the cell door) thinking Eugene will fall for her play.

Poison pill: Eugene returns and slips one of the poison capsules he made under the door to Sasha’s cell. Sasha is absolutely devastated when she sees what he gives her. Eugene says he hopes she chooses not to use it. It’s clear she was hoping for something she could use to escape & maybe still kill Negan.

Dwighty boy: Rosita opens the gate to Alexandria as Rick and the group come back with the guns from Oceanside. She lets them know there is someone here to see them, and leads them to the cell Morgan constructed. Daryl goes a little apeshit, and tries to get at Dwight. Dwight says he wants to help them. Rick says, OK, and then pulls out his gun and levels it at Dwight’s head. He tells Dwight to get on his knees.

That my friends, is how you end the last episode before the extended season finale!

Questions: This was a “more answers, than questions” show–which I happen to really enjoy. That said, there are some interesting questions to ask.

Will any of the women from Oceanside find their way to join the battle against the Saviors? I think it would be epic if a few of them make it to Hillside, or Alexandria and join in the fray.

What will happen with Gregory? Will he make it to the Sanctuary, or be caught in the middle? What info will he give Simon? He doesn’t know much, just that they are gathering and prepping for a fight.

Who is Negan’s little birdie? It can’t be Eugene, as he was taken before Rick and the group decided to go to war. I suppose he could have any of number of people from either the Kingdom or Hilltop spying for him.

Is Dwight being real with Rick? Will Rick trust him enough to let him help. Will Daryl just kill Dwight before he can help?

Will Sasha use the pill on herself? I doubt it. I think she wanted to escape. The pill though could still be used against Negan, or someone else. Even though Sasha was not happy, she still has a pretty powerful card to play.

What are Negan’s plans for Sasha? He could obviously dangle her, Eugene, and/or Dr. Carson as bait or leverage. I don’t think at this point, Rick or Maggie will endanger the collective communities for any number of hostages. We know Sasha would most likely force Negan’s hand if possible.

Will Eugene buckle under the pressure and end up crying or peeing himself, or will he find his courage and step up when the Saviors go to war? He still has one poison capsule. He did mention the 37 minutes he spent driving the RV was the best time in his life.

Will Dr. Carter be a factor in the events that go down, or will Negan keep him safely tucked away, since he doesn’t have another option? Having a Dr. when you go to war might be the difference between winning and losing. Especially in an extended campaign.

Zombie kill of the week: It’s kind of easy for me: Watching one of the smallest Oceanside ladies–Rachel, kick a walker to get it on the ground, and stabbing it in the head was a nifty move. If she gets to grow up, she will be quite the badass.

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