Mike Glennon will be ____ as a Bear

I have been a Mike Glennon fan since he got playing time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I wasn’t a fan at first, but he won me over. When the Bucs drafted Jameis Wintston, I thought maybe he had a shot at becoming a Bear.

That scenario took place as free agency opened for the 2017 league year. Rumors swirled that the Bears were the “front runner” for Glennon’s services. When it was finalized, Mike Glennon said the Bears were #1 on his list. Then word came out about how Mike Glennon wanted to learn everyone’s name he would be dealing with. A sign of maturity and leadership like we haven’t seen here in Chicago. That might not translate into wins or losses, but it’s a refreshing step in the right direction.

I was a big fan of Jay Cutler, but Jay did all he could do, and it ended up being a subpar record with a lot of nice stats. So this leads me to the question: Mike Glennon will be…(what?) as a Bear?

As of right now, Glennon has a little less to work with than Cutler did. Over the past 2 seasons, the Bears got rid of: Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte, Martellus Bennett, Alshon, Jeffery, and guard Matt Slauson. That’s a lot of talent let go on offense. They do still have a couple nice running backs in Jordan Howard and Jeremy Langford, and a  decent offensive line. The wide receiving corps are a bit of a question mark. Cameron Meredith showed some flashes, as did Joshua Bellamy, but first round pick Kevin White still has more questions than answers coming off another leg injury. They did add free agent wide receivers Kendall Wright and Markus Wheaton, but do not seem to have a legitimate #1. Deonte Thompson re-signed, which gives them somewhat of a deep threat. Consistency will be a concern going into the season.

Much will depend on the upcoming draft, which is stocked with tight ends. Will the Bears end up taking one? Zach Miller has shown he is sneaky athletic, but has a history of getting injured, and is 32. The Bears added Dion Sims in free agency, and have a couple of young tight ends in Daniel Brown, and Ben Braunecker.

I see their focus being more on the defensive side, adding at least 2 defensive backs, (corner and safety) and a linebacker or another pass rusher. That leaves little room to draft an offensive playmaker. My dream scenario has them trading down from #3 overall and adding at least another pick.

My prediction is that Mike Glennon will be a solid QB and leader as a Bear. Ultimately it depends on how much he can get out of what he has to work with, and if certain players such as Meredith and White continue to develop. A lot also depends on how the offensive line holds up, as Glennon is knocked for his ability to move in the pocket. The pressure will be on John Fox to finally show some improvement in his third year as the Bears head coach.

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