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The season 7 finale has just ended, and I am a little speechless. Still processing some of the events. The last time I had all these feels is when Daryl came back and lit the pond on fire with some gasoline and a Rocket Propelled Grenade. This time it was a slightly different tiger, his master, and The Kingdom. Before we open up the throttle,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Full disclosure: The flashback/dream sequences were super annoying, until they were not. If their objective was to keep us guessing whether Sasha had taken “the pill” or not, they succeeded. I’m sure I will look at them a little differently the second time I watch it. Right now, I have to get this all out (as Talking Dead isn’t on yet).

I went back and forth on if I thought Sasha had taken the pill or not. When she said to Eugene, “I haven’t given up on you yet”, I was fooled. Her turning into a walker did cross my mind.

Blown away: I have to say I am blown away by The First Day of the Rest of Your Life. I didn’t see the Scavengers turning on Rick and Alexandria, but it did lead to some phenomenal TV. I was thinking Oceanside would have been surprise guests, perhaps they will be at some point.

Just one person has to die: I think it is at this point when Sasha and Negan are negotiating that she realizes she has to take the pill to avoid Negan using her against her friends. Negan even notices when a tear falls down, he asks her if that’s real.

I’m Negan: Eugene asks Negan for permission to talk to Rick. He mentions something about buying them time, but I’m pretty sure Negan was with him the whole time. At any rate, Eugene tells Rick the “jig is up”, they have all the angles covered. The only way out was “fealty” and surrender. At this time the Scavengers reveal they had a better deal from Negan. Rick wants to talk to Negan. Eugene boldly states, “I am Negan”. I haven’t wanted anyone shot faster than when Eugene said that. That didn’t happen. My feelings might change, but as of right now, I’m hoping someone catches up with the little pecker biter.

So you don’t like Eugene anymore?: Rick refuses Eugene’s request for a full surrender, and Rosita presses the trigger that was supposed to blow up a truck to take out as many of the Saviors as possible–including Eugene. When that fails, Negan comes out of the truck and demands Rick surrenders all their guns, 1 person of Negan’s choosing (for punishment), Daryl, and all their lemonade. In return, Negan doesn’t kill Sasha.

Rick asks to see Sasha alive and all heck breaks loose when Negan opens up the coffin. Surprise! Sasha has killed herself and reanimated as a walker; she lunges for Negan and knocks him off the truck.

Quick acting Carl: As soon as Sasha knocks Negan down, he turns and starts popping Scavengers. The rest of Alexandria follows suit, and it’s on like Donkey Kong.

Peeve: During the battle for Alexandria, Michonne actually struggles to fight off one Scavenger. I could see if it was two, or three, but one? This is the same woman who continued doing all kinds of pushups and situps when she was recovering from being shot in the leg. No way she is going to struggle with any single combatant short of Daryl, Rick, or Negan.

Hello again: Negan once again has Rick and Carl kneeling on the ground. This time he flat out says he is going to kill Carl and smash Rick’s hands with Lucile. Rick tells Negan it doesn’t matter who he kills, or what he does to him, he is going to kill Negan. Not today, maybe not tomorrow…

Stop. Tiger time!: Shiva gets into the battle in grand fashion; just as Negan was going to take Lucile to Carl’s skull, she leaps on a Savior right behind Negan. He gets knocked down, screams like a girl, and runs away cursing about the tiger. Shiva continues to pounce on saviors and eat their face! Full admission: I had tears free flowing at this point. I might have yelled out something. Scott Mmmm Gimple: You got me good.

The battle continues: Ezekiel, Carol, and Morgan followed Shiva–guns blazing. The Hilltoppers did as well, led by Maggie. The collaboration of Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom was more than enough for the Saviors. Jadis shot a flare and her pack of double-crossers turned and fled. Negan took the surviving Saviors and ran back to the Sanctuary where he told the others they are going to war. Michonne and Rosita are recovering from their injuries. Maggie led a group out into the forest where Sasha was tracked down, and released from her undead state.

It was really nice to see Carol back in Alexandria. Especially when she sat down next to Morgan. Not sure what the future holds for either, but as of that moment, it looked good.

Many questions popped into my head during this extended season finale. In order of occurrence: Where was Gregory? Did he make it to the Sanctuary? We were made to believe Jadis (or Tamriel) was informing Negan of their plans, so what happened to him?

Is Hilltop and the Kingdom safe without their leaders being present? I was kind of surprised Negan didn’t stop at one of them and attack, knowing they would be pretty much defenseless.

How did the Scavengers know about the bombs in the truck? I don’t think they were there yet. How did they let Negan know about them? Perhaps we will find out in a “flashback”.

Will Tara return to Oceanside? The fight is not over, and they could use more help. My hope is that someone from Oceanside was watching the events take place, and saw how the three communities defended themselves.

What was the significance of Dwight tossing the carved figure in the gate housing with the words, “Didn’t know” written on it? Didn’t know about Sasha? The Scavengers double cross? Both? Where did he get the pen?

Zombie Kill of the Week: There was only one walker in this week’s episode. I am going to do a reverse ZKotW and give it to Sasha, who bravely became the zombie to attack Negan. It was perfect timing, and she did get to kill a couple people. She went out more heroically than many of our favorite characters.

So now we wait, and wonder what else is in store for our beloved companions. They are now three communities strong, united against a common enemy. Season eight promises to be as epic as season seven was.




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2 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly

  1. Other Jeff says:

    Wasn’t surprised by Sashas death, with all the flashbacks especially her and Abraham. As soon as she asked to ride inside the casket that pretty much sealed it for me. Thats when the very opening scene (before the opening credits) of her listening to the ipod, sorta crying and distressed looking just before she relaxes (obviously thats when she died) and the earbuds fall out made sense, because after that, all shots of her listening to the music she was awake/alive, we were seeing her memories/flashbacks, her final thoughts as she was dying.

    Eugene is still Eugene, he is pretty weak on his own and is 100% still on Rick and companys side, he’s just riding the storm out best some one like him can. Remember he knew what Sasha was up to. I wouldn’t doubt he is going to help out some how and possibly teaming up with…….Dwighty boy.
    Dwight I strongle believe was truthful to Rick wanting Negan dead and truly did not know the scavengers were now on Negans payrol. Thus his “note” of ‘Didn’t know’ to Darryl was sinceer, and obviously on the little figurine only Darryl would understand.
    Dwight will be Alexandrias mole now.

    Saviors knew about the explosives because one of the scavengers was with when they were setting them up. Wouldn’t be difficult for one of them to sneak away and get word to Negan.

    Yeah, Carl was quick to take advantage of walker Sasha’s distraction.
    Finally Rick acting the right way as he shoulda back when they first kneeled before negan, Though why he didn’t jump Negans ass right away when Shebia pounced I dunno.

    • oxxo910 says:

      Glad to see you stayed around and at least watched the season finale. I thought season 7 was one of the best. Even knowing some major spoilers, I was still surprised along the way. I have my peeves now and then, but for the most part. I like where they took us. I’m rooting for Eugene, but he seems to like his new found power too much. He still has the one pill, and plenty of knowledge to do some damage. There is also Dr. Carson from Hilltop. I’m thinking & hoping they get some people from Oceanside on board. I also can’t wait to see what happens to the scavengers. I’m sure Rick and Michonne will be looking for them after the Saviors are dealt with. How are you feeling about Negan? Have you warmed up to him since the season premiere? Season 8 should be pretty awesome with Daryl, Morgan, and Carol back and in top form. I expect the Saviors war to last a good 2-3 episodes. Thanks for weighing in with a long comment and welcome back!

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