Brawl of the week: The Masked Ball (again)

This week’s Tavern Brawl is one we have had before: The Masked Ball. It basically plays like this: You play a minion, when it dies, it comes back as something else that costs (2) less. It spawns right on the board though. You pick your hero, and build a deck.

Strut your stuff and show them who you really are!

This is a great brawl for people who don’t have a lot of fancy cards. I find this to be one of the more interesting brawls. I got mine done with a warrior deck filled with Battlecry minions. Since you can pick any class, you can get any and all dailies done.

Each minion you play should get a Deathrattle. Which opens the door for that synergy.

The reward goes back to original packs of Hearthstone cards. I was hoping we might stick with Whispers of the Old Gods, or Mean Streets of Gadgetzan packs, but no. Back to the beginning!

Overwhelm your opponent until they crumble!

So get on in there and earn your free pack. See what kind of deck you can come up with to win, and/or frustrate your opponent! Have fun, and see you next week!

Booooring! ( I kid! I still don’t have all the original cards. Lots of good ones left!)

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2 Responses to Brawl of the week: The Masked Ball (again)

  1. repgrind says:

    I still don’t have all of the classic set either. So if you play me, you don’t have to play around Doomsayer, cuz there won’t be one.

    I went the opposite thinking as you, instead of battlecry I figured if they’re giving my minions deathrattles, what I want is even moar deathrattle. It worked but I still hate having to make my own deck… mostly because I’m lazy. 😉

    • oxxo910 says:

      LOL. I hear you. I thought about the deathrattle thing, especially since it’s Wild. You can put Rivendare in there if you have him and go nutty. Should be interesting today after all the new cards are out.

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