Fantasy Impact: 2017 NFL Mock Draft (17-32)

Part 2 of my NFL mock draft. As with part 1, it’s done entirely from a Fantasy Football perspective. These are where I would like the players to go based on their impact on the Fantasy side of things. More wishing and hoping than actual guessing. It’s a little less stressful, and a lot more fun. Let’s go!

17. Redskins: Takkarist McKinley, LB: UCLA- The Redskins might have had their sights on one of the three dynamic running backs, but would be thrilled if McKinley is still on the board here. I could see them going wide receiver if they choose to stay on offense.

18. Titans: John Ross, WR: Washington- They have the running game going. Marcus Mariota could use another target in the passing game. They lost Kendall Wright. Tight end Delanie Walker isn’t getting any younger. David Njoku would make a nice pick here too. Ross’ speed might be too good to pass up.

19. Bears: (from Buccaneers): Deshaun Watson, QB: Clemson- The Bears use a pick from the Browns and another of their 2nd round picks to move back into round 1 to snatch Watson as their future QB. Since they signed Mike Glennon, Watson can sit back and learn the ropes for a year or two.

20. Broncos: Garett Bolles, OT: Utah- The Broncos could easily take a receiver or running back, but I think bolstering the offensive line makes their entire offense better.

21. Lions: Ryan Ramczyk, OL: Wisconsin- Like the Broncos, the Lions have needs on offense as well. They haven’t been able to effectively run the ball in years, and that starts up front. There are enough running backs to be able to snag one in round two or even three. Ramczyk could probably play anywhere on the line, but I think he  makes an impact as a guard or right tackle.

22. Browns: Mitchell Trubisky, QB: North Carolina- The Browns are at it again and trade back into round 1 to grab their QB of the future. I’m not sure how far they will have to go, but something tells me getting ahead of the Giants. They might have to move up even a little further.

23. Giants: TJ Watt, LB: Wisconsin- Nobody drafts pass rushers better than the NY football Giants. Watt, the younger brother of JJ Watt, is more in the mold of a Clay Mathews Jr, should help the G-men get after the QB.

24. Raiders: Fabian Moreau, CB: UCLA- The Raiders have always coveted speed. Although Al Davis is no longer around, I feel they get back to that this year. I also like Obi Melifonwu out of Connecticut if they fancy speed at the Safety position a little more. Either way, they need to get faster on defense.

25. Texans: Tre’Davious White, CB: LSU- A quarterback you say? That might be a sexier pick. The Browns let them off the hook from Osweiler. Not sure they are ready to make the plunge on one of the top 2-3 QBs.

26. Seahawks: Taco Charlton, DE: Michigan- Seahawks keep rebuilding their defense. The ‘Hawks are currently “shopping” cornerback Richard Sherman, so that could impact this pick.

27. Chiefs: Alvin Kamara, RB: Tennessee- As much as I would like to hop on the “DeShone Kizer train”, the Chiefs are looking to get back to the playoffs. They need a decent running back. Kamara is decent at worst, and could be special. I could also see them upgrading the offensive line. The Giants and Seahawks could very well take a RB ahead of the Chiefs.

28. Cowboys: Obi Melifonwu, Safety: Connecticut- The Cowboys shore up the back end of their defense with the speedy, and athletic DB.

29. Packers: Tim Williams, DE: Alabama- The Packers lost Julius Peppers, and even with him–he and Clay Matthews Jr. were not enough to put consistent pressure on opposing QBs.

30. Steelers: Budda Baker, Safety: Washington- The safety class is deep this year…I like the talk about Pittsburgh looking for an heir to Ben Roethlisburger. I think #30 might be too early for a team still looking to be competitive. Pat Mahomes is the name I like. Kind of a less polished version of Big Ben.

31. Falcons: Cooper Kupp, WR: Eastern Washington- I was thinking, what could the Falcons do to be a little more dynamic on offense this late in the round. Then it hit me: Cooper Kupp. He might not be as flashy as some wide receivers, but he runs good routes and can catch. He is sneaky fast, maybe a half step slower than Jordy Nelson. How does that sound Atlanta? I don’t really think Njoku will be here; but as I say that, I have not placed him anywhere in the draft. It’s possible someone moves up into the mid-late 20s to get him. I could see Atlanta taking him here too.

32. Saints (from Patriots): Desmond King, CB: Iowa- King is one of the top cornerbacks in the draft. He might not even be here. I also have a strong feeling that the Saints will be getting offers by many teams trading up for this spot.

There it is. So many good players to put into 32 picks. This year’s draft is really strong. There are easily 10-15 players who could fill up this list. I still can’t believe I didn’t find a “home” for David Njoku. I think he will end up being a first round pick. I just don’t know where. I hope you enjoyed this list as much as I did making it! Good luck to all your teams (even the Packers!)

Picks (1-16)

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