Brawl of the week: An Ancient Recipe (Un’Goro edition)

This week’s Tavern Brawl is: An Ancient Recipe. I thought we have had it before, but I don’t see anything with this title in my previous titles. This brawl lets you pick your hero and gives you a deck filled with cards that make up the “Legendary quest” recipe for that class.

I picked a rogue, because a) it’s fun b) I am familiar with it, and most importantly, c) it kicks a lot of ass!

Choosing your hero never became more significant (and fun) as it is in this brawl.

That said, it took me a couple cracks at it. I came up 1 lousy health point short of a win my first go. The second time, vs a Warrior deck was more fruitful. The sore loser chose to let his last 2 turns run out (they hit “end turn” before so they would get fresh time the next round) before they “left” the game. Couldn’t even bother to hit concede. At any rate, I got my win for the week.

This is an absolutely great brawl to play each class and see how their legendary quest plays. I can tell you right now, there will be lots of rogues, and priests. Have fun with it. Explore each class (unless you have made certain ones). Look up guides to play the decks if you need to. Most of them are straight forward, but some need a little practice to play. Hope you enjoy the brawl and take advantage of what it has to offer. See you next week!

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