Brawl of the week: A Peek to the Past

This week’s Tavern Brawl is a nice change of pace. A throwback to when Hearthstone first came out. You might run into a player with 1-2 legendary cards now and then. You cut your teeth on the basic cards. If you were lucky, you might have a few rares. If you miss that kind of brawl, this one is for you!

Create your deck using only basic and classic cards. No Epics. No Legendaries. You can have all kinds of fun with this one. I picked the hunter because, well kids, the hunter used to be dominant. It still can be now and then.

Of course there had to be a mage involved. No problems. I would eventually over-power the whelp.

They always concede when they see the writing on the wall.

So go on and build yourself a bad deck using Basic and Classic cards. Make sure to secure your free pack. You never know what it will contain. See you next week!


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