Warcaft/Blizzard Watch Midwest Meetup

Hey guys,

I have been discussing the idea of this for a couple years now. I am finally in a place to help put it together/attend. We are thinking to have it this summer in one of three locations: Madison WI, Milwaukee WI, Or Chicago/suburbs. Mainly depends on the location of people attending. It will most likely be on a Saturday. It will probably be during the day, and possibly into the night. This is in the early stages of planning. If I had to guess, it will probably take place in mid/late June or sometime in July.

Who’s invited: Anyone who likes Warcraft/Blizzard Watch/Blizzard games (friends, relatives, employees, significant others).

I mentioned this on BW Friday afternoon, and I will probably mention it again, or just link this post. I will edit it as I get more info. Feel free to leave comments/questions here or message me on twitter (@SpaceBard)

Feel free to spread the word to anyone you feel would be interested!

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