Brawl of the week: Just a Hallucination

This week’s Tavern Brawl is a new one: Just a Hallucination. I love the reference to Talking Heads, “Once in a lifetime”. You might recognize the lyrics if you give it a listen.

Anyways, you pick a class and get a deck filled with class cards, spells, and “Hallucination” cards, which work a lot like the Discover mechanic, only it’s from the class your opponent is playing. You also start with 3 mana on your first turn, which lets you “discover” a few cards if need be.

After that, it’s the same kind of RNG stuff we come to expect. It’s kind of neat to beat your opponent with their own cards.

So get on in there an taunt your enemy with their own cards. Do your worst, and grab a free pack of Original Hearthstone cards in the process. See you next week!


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