Walking Dead Weekly: Fear The Walking Dead

Welcome back! It’s been an extended hiatus for The Walking Dead spinoff show. Which means expectations were higher. Right? They were for me. Did they meet your own expectations? We’ll get to that. Before we do,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

We start off with Eye of the Beholder, the first installment of our two hour+ season premiere. As you may remember, things got rough for our companions at the end of last season. Nick and Luciana were leading what was left La Colonia to the border. Maddie, Travis and Alicia were hot on their trail. Ofelia, was making her own attempt–alone, and ran into something.

So that’s where season 3 starts. Madison, Travis, and Alicia all have been captured at a military base they thought might be a refugee camp. They were being processed separately. By their treatment, it looks like females get a better ride than males. Travis gets weighed in, measured, and has a number written on his hand. After he gets his bearings he sees a familiar face.

*****New Character: Troy*****

A man in military fatigues brings Madison in for “processing”. He asks her a few questions. He has a face you just want to punch. Kudos to the casting agent who discovered him for the role. You soon see why your initial judgment was correct. Troy is a tightly wound douchebag wrapped around a sociopath. He clearly has a thing for Madison, and maybe Alicia.

Meanwhile, Travis meats a stranger who says his name is Steven, who has similar interests. Those interests are getting out of the base in one piece. Steven tells Travis his “women are in danger”. They then plan to break out.

As this is going down, Troy’s henchmen seem to be killing random people “for science” including people who recently “resurrect”, and are marking down the different times it takes to do so.

Story? We don’t need no stinking story. I guess it’s a slow setup for things to come, but at this point it doesn’t seem like they are interested in furthering the story of the original characters.

I always feel like somebody’s watching me: Maddie wakes up to Troy “observing” her. He says he didn’t want to wake her, and he is writing down every detail. Something about being a good scout. AKA: He’s batshit crazy.

Great escape: Travis steps up when Troy’s buddies want to kill Nick, he convinces them to take him because he is “Mauri”, a Samoan and they never killed one of his kind. As they come to take him, Travis fights back. Steve, Nick, and Lucia manage to get out during the struggle. Travis is taken away. Steve gets caught as he was going to go down a sewer access tunnel. Troy’s #1 slits his throat and dumps him down the tunnel, knowing he will reanimate and possible go after Nick and Lucia.

Special, so special: Travis is considered “special” so he is brought to a pit filled with walkers. Troy’s #1 is impressed how easily Travis was able to kill the handful of walkers that were in the pit. So impressed he goes over to a gate and releases about 6-8 more.

But cousin, why a spoon? Maddie attempts to ambush Troy, but he easily knocks the knife out of her hand. Alicia attempts to get it but Troy tackles her into a wall. Madison goes back at Troy and they end up on a desk where she grabs…a spoon and plunges it into Troy’s eye socket. She then is able to manipulate him with the threat of losing the eye. I don’t know about y’all, but this seems silly. It’s a 2 hour premiere, so I don’t dwell on it.

*****New Character: Jake*****

Oh brother where art thou? Troy’s brother (Jake) seems to be more reasonable. He talks Madison into letting his brother go if he gets her family together. For some reason, Jake does. Madison is reunited with Travis, Alicia, Nick, and Lucia.

Instant karma’s gonna get you: Troy’s #1 hears some sounds behind a wall, and goes to investigate. He eventually removes a vent cover and is overrun with rats. That wasn’t enough to freak a dude out, so he sticks his face in the hole in the wall, where it promptly gets eaten. He is then dragged through by a mob of the undead.

Chaos ensues: The military base falls under chaos as infected make their way into the open. In the scramble to evacuate, Travis, Alicia, and Lucia get separated from Madison and Nick. The first group manages to leave on a chopper while the second jumps into a pickup truck with…Troy. Thus ends the first hour of our season 3 premiere.

Minor nits to pick: So far this is the 4th camp the group has been in that has been overrun by the dead. I know it’s a theme of the show but it’s getting a little played out. Perhaps the next settlement will be one in which the main characters can grow some roots, meet up with new people, and grow into the loving cast we have with the Walking Dead.

The New Frontier: The second installment in our season 3 premier starts off with Travis, Alicia, and Lucia flying with Jake and his cousin in an army chopper. They mention they are 20 minutes out and will climb a little. Just then the chopper comes under fire. When the action stops, Travis realizes he is hit. In a shocking move, Travis unbuckles, opens the chopper door, and jumps out. We don’t realize how bad he was hit until it was revealed on “Talking Dead” that he was basically shot from the “bottom” and the bullet exited through his neck.

I can’t tell you how mad/sad I was that they picked this way for Travis to go. I also felt that Travis’s story wasn’t done yet. He had a dark, and violent past. Would have liked to have got to know a little more about it. At least when a main character dies in The Walking Dead, it’s usually for a good reason. This could be to set Maddie up as the leader, finally putting her in “the Rick” spot. Still a little crappy though. Since the first season, they have lost 4 main characters (Liza, Daniel, Chris, and Travis) and only gained 1 (Lucia).

First watch, last watch: Jake, Alicia, Lucy, and the cousin make a camp after they had to crash land the chopper. For some odd reason the cousin (Charlie?) is overrun by a few infected. She signals out before she apparently got killed. Jake goes out to see what it is and has to be saved by Alicia. Jake shoots his cousin so she doesn’t reanimate. They head off to the ranch.

*****New Community: Broke Jaw Ranch***** *****New Character: Jeremiah*****

Welcome to Broke Jaw Ranch: Madison and Nick get dropped off just outside the new settlement where they are introduced to Troy and Jake’s father (Jeremiah).

Doctor Strange: Strand told a group of refugees outside the gate of their seaside safezone. He then has to help a woman deliver a baby. After that Hector informs him he has one last patient, as Elena wants him to leave before he is “outed” as not being a Dr. Strand goes up to Ilene’s room and talks her down from wielding a knife. The same knife she stabbed him with at the end of last season. Ilene thanks him for being nice and “saving” her daughter. Strand then opens the door to the balcony. Again, Ilene is thankful and decides to give Strand keys to a car that was meant to be a wedding gift. Ilene then jumps to her death.

A sort of homecoming: Jake, Alicia, and Luciana get to the ranch. Jake mentions that his cousin didn’t make it. Alicia does the same about Travis. Maddie takes it as you would expect. Hard. Troy sees Lucia is unconscious and decides she is too bad to put in the infirmary. He prepares to put her down. Nick has strong objections. He then tells Troy, he should be the one to do it. Troy hands his gun over, and Nick points it at him, telling Troy to let her in or else. Jake again, is the mediator, and they agree to let Lucia into the infirmary.

Sign of faith: Troys dad finds Maddie and asks her about a gun she might have. Instead of demanding it back, he asks her to sign for it, in a huge show of faith. Madison does, but is still skeptical.

My style and color: Strand makes his way to the parking garage where he unveils the car he was gifted. A green Jaguar. He pulls out to destination unknown. I have one thought where I hope he goes.

So 2 episodes into the 3rd season. We have a new settlement, 3 new characters, and Travis is dead. For the first time since the series started, I have some doubts on the direction of the show. I know Fear, and the original Walking Dead are on two different paths. I just would have thought by the 3rd season you would have a solid core group. Instead, you have the exact opposite: your core is shrinking. Hopefully this new settlement proves me wrong.

Questions? Where’s Ofelia? If you watched Talking Dead, you saw a cute segment where the actress is addressing the issue with cue cards. Doesn’t answer any of them though. Perhaps she will make a few friends.

Where will Strand go? I hope he gets back on the Abigail, but I have a fear that might be gone. That would be sad, but realistic. I liked them being on the ocean. Their current landscape is dry and boring.

Is this new settlement the “farm”? The group has yet to get to their “farm”, a place where they could put some roots down, make some new friends, and try to grow a community. By season 3, the original show had a farm and a jail.

Will we ever get a new word for the infected besides the infected? Season 3 people. We have had probably 6 names for the undead in the original series (walkers, biters, rotters, roamers, geeks, among others).

Zombie Kill of the Week: Easily goes to Travis who went HaM on the infected in the pit. Using cinder blocks and rebar, he manages to kill about a dozen or so. This is the guy they chose to end with getting shot from below the helicopter? Man.





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