Walking Dead Weekly: Fear The Walking Dead

Last night we got hit with episode 3, and it was much better than the season 3 premiere (in my book). It’s the episode we should have had last week. At any rate, before we get into it,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

TEOTWAWKI (The end of the world as we know it) gives us a few moments to breathe. I love the way it starts out with the “commercial” for Jeremiah’s survival kit. I think that would have been a great intro for the season premiere. It was a solid episode from start to finish. We also got teased at the end with a character coming back.

Old Testament: In the first of a series of oddities, Alicia joins the rest of the “under 20 club” and goes to an apparent bible study. Turns out they just wanted to get a little nuts with weed and alcohol. Who wouldn’t? Actually surprised it doesn’t happen more often in the zombie apocalypse. Alicia is quite comfortable getting down with the locals. Good for her. Not sure about “Geoff” though.

It got weird didn’t it? Troy shows up in the Clark family bungalow, and Madison was not too fond. I can see this being a very contentious relationship. Then suddenly, Maddy has Troy make up the bed he was laying in. I didn’t see that coming.

It got weird didn’t it?: Part two! I thought bad things were going to happen when Nick was coerced into going along on the boar hunt. I didn’t see Nick making the first move. Then suddenly he and Troy are laughing it up after Nick fired a shot next to Troy’s head. Not sure what to make of this. It seems like crazy writing more than anything.

Strand pays a visit to an old friend, after a few tense moments, he meets his old acquaintance and they share drinks. The next time we see the pair, they are overlooking a rail on the ledge of a dam. Strand’s buddy throws a man off and he is eaten by the infected that broke is fall. Then he threatens Strand and asks why he shouldn’t kill him. It seems when his former contacts have nothing left to give him, he does away with him. He then changes his mind and says he will put Strand to work. Strand is usually not that bad at reading people. Especially in the new world.

At the end of the episode Jeremiah informs the community that “McCarthy” is missing and should have been back. 99 things could have happen that are benign, but they must prepare for the worst case scenario. He is sending out Troy with 5 volunteers. Madison raises her hand to join the party. She then goes and sits next to Troy. We know she wants to “meet” the person that took out Travis. This is phase 2 (or three) of her post-apocalyptic evolution. I don’t think it’s totally about revenge.

Send me an Angel: Possibly my favorite moment (I yelled) is when Daniel visits Strand in jail and hands him some water. At first you are like “is this really real?” Are they messing with us? If you watched Talking Dead you know the answer.

Questions: Is Nick getting close to Troy so he can have a better chance to kill him and get away with it? He pulled a gun on him twice so far, and could have pulled the trigger. That would have got him thrown out at the least, and possibly killed. If anything happens to Troy, Nick is going to be suspect #1. At least for now.

What is Madison’s angle with the napkin? It could be something silly, or it could be Madison using her guidance counselor savvy to star being maternal to Troy. She doesn’t know that Nick suddenly befriended the lunatic. Should be interesting.

Is Daniel really alive? Of course he is. If you watched the preview for next week’s show (and why wouldn’t you?) you see a couple of things. 1) Daniel has burns on him. If he was a product of Strand’s imagination, he wouldn’t be burned. 2) we see Daniel injured, bloodied, and burned, as he walks down the street. So, he has to be really real. I am so glad he came back especially after the loss of Travis. It’s a lot like Morgan coming back to the original series.

Where are: Ofelia, Alex, (remember her from the first part of season 2?) and Jack? We keep getting teased by Mercedes Mason’s silent poster act. I have a feeling she is part of the group that shot Travis. It almost has to be this way. Will we ever see Alex or Jack, or any of the pirates again? Most importantly, will we ever see the Abigail again? It’s kind of a shame.

Zombie Kill of the Week: Only one person died, and he kind of got fed to the infected. It wasn’t even anything really that spectacular. Shoved over a railing onto a pile of the undead. Naturally he got torn apart and eaten. So, for the first time in a while, no ZKotW and no regular kill of the week.



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