Brawl of the week: Cart Crash at the Crossroads (again)

This week’s Tavern Brawl should be familiar to long-time Hearthstone players: Cart Crash at the Crossroads. Like all the other ‘Crossroads’ brawls, it’s RNG heavy.

Pick a hero and get a a random deck filled with class cards, legendaries, and neutral minions–but wait, there’s more! In addition pick a 2nd class to add cards from to your deck. You get a random choice of 3!

I went mage, and it was looking good, until it wasn’t. It took me a few games to come out on top, but eventually, I got my one-sided match. This is definitely a one-and-done for me. It’s still pretty good for newer players, or those who don’t have the time/money to grow their library. So, have fun! Get that free pack. I will see you next time 😉

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