Maybe I’ll catch you (in a dream)

Maybe I’ll catch you (in a dream)


I saw you from across the room. You were tightly clinging to, him. Still, you looked my way. You had diamonds in your eyes. You had a playful smile. You shined so bright. Why? The music was getting to my head. Perhaps the whiskey played it’s part. There was mischief in the night. Somewhere a muse was in delight. I’m taken. You’re taken. So we go our separate ways. I try to avoid the PDAs. I catch your eye one last time. You whisper ‘good bye’ and wink. What am I supposed to think? I have this pounding in my heart. There is no moon tonight, it’s dark. I hit the pillow, but I don’t sleep. I have a picture but it doesn’t speak. I didn’t get your name. I didn’t get your number darlin’. I can’t help but thinking ‘what if?’. Maybe I’ll catch you in a dream. Maybe?

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