Walking Dead Weekly: Fear The Walking Dead

Last night’s episode, Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame was another solid installment in the season 3 saga. Strand and Daniel make a very odd couple, Madison has her mission with Troy. Alicia hooks up with one member of the community, and Nick struggles to convince Luciana to stay on the ranch. Before we get to all that,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

A lot happened this week. We start out with seeing the oldest house on the Broke Jaw ranch engulfed in flames as Russell took his and his wife’s life in a murder-suicide. In fairness, his wife recently turned into a “wasted”. Yes! we finally got an alternative to the infected on FTWD.

Comfortably numb: Luciana sees how comfortable Nick is getting as he brings her breakfast. She tells them they need to leave, but Nick says they need a plan, and literally backs out of the conversation.

You should be scared: Madison goes off with Troy & company to find out what happened. I’m starting to be OK with Troy’s craziness. It almost makes sense at times. Of course, Troy would later go on to make me not like him again.

Crush of love: Alicia visits Jake and they end up knocking boots. We find out that she really lost her sense of self, including a love/respect for the arts.

Blood brothers: I can’t help but see parallels between Daryl/Merle and Jake/Troy. Merle was a hell of a lot more interesting, and in the end, settled with his demons. I don’t see Jake being a fan favorite any time soon, but there are similarities there.

Under a minute: Troy & Co. encounter a bus that had been turned over and he decides they should take care of the infected. Maddy proves her worth to the dude who questioned her abilities earlier.

I like the relationship between Nick and Otto. I think Otto can be kind of a father figure to Nick. For how long? I dunno.

Odd couple: Daniel and Strand drive through the Mexican wasteland. We see an odd dynamic forming between the two. Daniel trusts Strand even less. Strand calls him out on his “tough guy” act, but that doesn’t gain him any points with the El Salvadorian.

*****New Character: Walker*****

But you only just got here: The aforementioned Walker sneaks up on Troy and his group as they came upon McAllister who had been strapped to a chair. His skull was peeled back (scalped?) and a crow was enjoying some of his brain. Maddy took him out of his not-so-misery. Walker then made his presence known. He takes their guns, supplies, and boots, and tells them he wants his land back including the Broke Jaw Ranch.

Strand-ed: Daniel and Strand get to the hotel they were formerly at. It’s totally overrun with walkers now. Daniel has enough of the smooth-talking conman, and positions him into a group of infected. He yells out, “Let’s see how you get out of this one!”. Kind of a crappy move I think. Say what you want about Strand, he did get them all out of LA safely. That’s gotta be worth something. No?

Rehab: Nick is participating in the other type of rehab: fixing up the burned out house. Otto asks him where he learned his skills, and Nick tells him it was from his dad. Otto loves that Nick is doing this, and pretty much lets him know it’s his to fix up if he wants to. He also says he will need some help. Nick cleans it up enough to have a candle lit dinner with Luciana.

The episode ends in kind of a flurry of activity. Troy leads his bootless company back to the ranch, Luciana leaves Nick, Alicia jumps off a cliff…into a small lake. Cheesy scare is cheesy!

Questions: We meet the guy who is responsible for killing McAllister’s group, and ultimately Travis and Charlie. Will Walker turn out to be this season’s “heavy”?

Are Alicia and Jake FTWDs Glenn and Maggie? I feel like Glenn is way ahead of Jake in terms of skill. I like Jake, even though I keep thinking of him as one of the sociopathic twins from The Following. Really hope he doesn’t end up turning into that.

How will Otto react to Walker’s threat? Seems like he will not just up and leave. Perhaps this will be settled in a few episodes.

Will Daniel find Ofelia or the ranch first? I kind of hope he finds the ranch. That would make a better set up for him then seeing Ofelia with Walker’s group. If that’s how it all turns out, which it probably will.

How will Strand get out of his situation? The infected can’t really be negotiated with. He is at a clear disadvantage. Still, he is resourceful.

Will Luciana make it off the ranch before Nick catches up with her? You know he’s going after her. I can see Otto stopping him, and telling Nick that he needs him in light of Walker’s threat.

When will we see Ofelia? Why are they making us wait so long? It’s obvious she is alive. I keep saying she is with Walker and his group. I feel like I need to go back and watch the last episode she was in.

Why doesn’t Daniel just pee from the car? It’s kind of easy for guys. Just go man!

Observation: This is the 3rd season and they still haven’t started making runs yet. I guess this is partially because they have been in larger groups so far.

Zombie Kill of the Week: I have to give it to Russell taking himself out and his infected wife, Martha. Close second was Troy with the machete as he cut off both arms, got it on the ground, then used a knife to finish it.


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