Dying Wish (May it be granted)

Dying Wish (May it be granted)


I heard about you from the internet

Another heartbreak, a dying vet

It seems we lose a lot more than we should

It seems we don’t do half of what we could

America, the beautiful

The land of the free

The home of the brave

Is in dire need

We have to do more, we have to start today

No more excuses while the memories fade

The bravest soldiers, the strongest souls

Should not be broken, and never alone

How dare we lavish in luxury

While heroes suffer so we can be free

I wish I could do more than write these words

My tears are silent, as your pain still burns

Go gently soldier, unto the night

Your duty fulfilled, you shined so bright

May peace find you in your final hours

Know that our hearts are strong and proud

Dedicated to Lee Hernandez

Please give Lee a call or text!


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